Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spring in the air?

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I'm looking out at a wonderful sunny day where last nights snow is melting ever so slowly away. It is dripping from the roof where the sun has got to it already even though it is early morning. I've started to buy some seeds for this summers flowers and vegetables already, am getting the itch to dig and plant and see things grow and flower. I never used to look forward to spring before but now I am. I wonder if it is because I now have a garden to spend the time in and I really miss it when winter goes on too long.

I am going to get started on redecorating the little upstairs toilet. The electrician is coming later on this afternoon to have a first look and see what it is to be done. Got to phone the plumber and ask as well when he can come and get the sink and cabinet in place as well as change the piping to a nice chrome finished one to match all the new stuff that is going in. We've already decided on a wallpaper for a section and I am going to paint the other walls a soft white. The colour scheme is black and white with chrome. I like to decorate and make it look nice from ugly and scruffy. So now there is only the rest of the house to fix up...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The more it snows a tiddeli pom..

Oh yes! A lovely 30 cm of the fresh white stuff was dumped on us in the last couple of days. And now it has gone cold. Seems we are having a very normal winter this year. But I could have done without the cold though, my hands and now toes are aching even though I try to keep warm. Oh well there is always something isn't there? But never mind that now!

An old friend has re-appeared! Say hello to Mary over there in Personally Me, its been an age but we always look forward to hearing from her. I hope you are serious about taking me up on my challenge in the earlier post, but you know what you need to do... My mind boggles in excitement thinking up something to make for YOU, so go on.... put the post up!

Did I ever tell you that it is because of Mary that me and James met? Well no? It is true and she put on a very lovely party when we met at her place in Dublin for the first time. If I remember correctly it included some wild brats from Wales as well that ended up in the er the first night...

Oh I still have that video snippet you took of us all Mary... and the photos... is that enough to blackmail you into putting the post up? ;of)