Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Cant sleep tonight it seems. Guess im thinking too much about what happend earlier today or yesterday as it seems to be now.
Am also wondering if she reads this blog..cant remember if she used to. Oh well never mind that eyh?

Monday, April 26, 2004

I had a small surprise at work today..
Ex-friend is going to start working there again. I was given the invisible treatment as well today by her, wonder how this will end... Great start to the week don't you think?

Friday, April 23, 2004

I could almost sell my soul for this one, almost.... !

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Fast forward a week!

Yikes time does fly. But still nothing really important or worthwhile mentioning has happened. Well not to me but its another story with James.

Guess who got up at 4 and went to work the wrong Monday? *giggle*
At least he had an excuse for going, he was making sure he took the right taxform they requested off him.. I felt sorry for him though for going there after a few restless hours of sleep only to be sent home and have yet 7 days until he gets to know more about the work. He was more like a zombie then anything the rest of the day. Why he got up so early? Well he has to catch the bus to Borlänge at 5.40 if he is to be on time at 7 since we don't have a car, yet I might add. My sister has bought a new car and wondered if we were interested in having their old Mercedes, which we are even though it is a rust bucket it runs well and passed its MOT just months ago. So as soon as they get their new one we will be taking a trip down to Gothenburg to collect it. Reminds me, I have to get in touch with the chairman of our housing association and get a parking spot You know what my sister calls their car? Gamla Bettan - Ol' Betsy...

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Back to work... Things seem to have settled down at least for this time around. Still I didn't like one bit to be there today.

Yesterdays antiques fair was very good. I found 13 postcards which I bought. And today there was 2 more in the post from the online auctions I'm bidding on as well. For what I've seen the online auctions produce much nicer postcard with better quality and fewer scars but generally they are more expensive as I noticed on buying one at the fair. It was of better quality actually, but for half the asking price of the online card. I guess you just have to be lucky when coming across the nice ones in fairs rather then online. And the fact that they had a lot of people going to fair already on Sunday didn't help either. It was very picked out but still I managed to buy some nice ones. There were lots of other things I would have liked to buy but I resisted and just went for my postcards this time. And besides the summer auctions will be starting soon! Maybe I will be in one of these fairs come autumn ;o)

Monday, April 12, 2004

Hold on to your wallets people! We are going to an antiques fair today! I took the day off since I was kindly given a free entrance ticket to the fair by a customer from the supermarket. I'm surprised too. So soon Lotta, me, James and my mum will be cruising the tables looking out for bargain. Not the same as Bargain hunt but never the less it will be fun!

Sunday, April 11, 2004

I'm really getting into this auction stuff online. I am at the moment bidding on a Harmony Kingdom piece on ebay. I have also started to auction off postcards we dont want at brabud.nu with a bit of help from James doing the scanning of postcards

Friday, April 09, 2004

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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

I've had a really crap day at work today. I've completely gone off working there in that selfish, backstabbing, intriguing, worthless piece of shit place!! Right now I'm so angry I might start to cry! And that's even worse! Why do women get weepy when they really really are crazy angry?? I hate that. Mainly because people don't take you seriously if you start blubbering all over the place when having a quite heated discussion. Bah!

Its not worth retelling what happened. The short story is that a person I thought was nice and helpful gave me a load of crap because I didn't run to the till when they called. Why I didn't was because I was on the phone in the middle of ordering vegetables and fruit for tomorrow! And no he couldn't go for a half a minute just so I could end the order. And afterwards I got a lecture about that when they call for you, you have to go to the till. Like I had been working there for a week and not for *bleep* 10 years. Definitely time to move on to a place where people watch out for one another a bit better then they do at our place. It is everyone for themselves and grab some extra while your at it and blame someone else for it. I hate it!