Monday, September 30, 2002

The cruise has been, it will be interesting to go back to work today to see who is talking to who and who isnt, and who is too embarassed to!

Friday, September 27, 2002

It is a lovely autumn day outside, sun is shining from a crystalclear blue sky, it is around +3 and a bit windy. Can life get any better? Yes it can...

This weekend a load of people from work are going on a cruise to Finland. No, i've not been invited to go. Since it is the shrewed Big Brother who has arranged it all only a few 'selected' people from our place are going. All in all, 20 of them... Some of us unwanted people have to stay behind and mind the store and slave on because it is a big weekend here (people got paid today). I really dont care that they are going, it is the way they have arranged it that bugs me, they call it a 'staffparty', but how can they do that, theres been no list to sign up to, no information that there would be a trip, nothing. And i suppose if Boris wouldnt have got to know about it we wouldnt have known before it was a fact today that there are people missing.

Ever since Big Bosses brother came to work at the store things have gone from being us the team, to we and them. Theres an A-team and then theres a B-team. Is that a good way to run a store? I dont think so, but the boss dont want to interfere since it is his brother doing the splitting up. Chicken or what? Or maybe it is the old story about men watching out for each other. I know i stereotype a lot now, but hey that is how it is at my work. I am very objective about what goes on, thats one of my best sides people keep on telling me, or worst, depending on how you see it. But at work lately it is all gone to be like 'The Boys Club'. No not mans club, the BOYS club. Note the difference i make..

Just take a little episode that happened now on tuesday. I was on the veggies doing my stuff and when i was checking the order coming in that morning i saw that Mr T had ordered double of lots of stuff we really didnt need or already had quite a lot of. So i was thinking, should i keep my mouth shut and swear while i put it all in the cold storage or should i go and ask the boss what to do with all the extras. I thought, no way am i keeping my mouth shut this time. So off i went to the boss and asked if it was alright to send some of the grocerys back since Mr T had orderd too much. He came out and had a look and said it was alright, i then asked if he would go down to the storage and have a look to see what else there was too much of, really just so he would see for himself so he couldnt say i was imagening things later on, at this point he was irritated about Mr T and said he would have a talk to him. I dont know if he ever went down to have a look, i was putting in the new prices in the computer at the time but later when i went to ask him something completly different he brought it up and dressed it up to that it wasnt that bad anyway and that i should keep the stuff we had got. I must have looked very surprised because off he went on one of his rants about him taking care of it and that he would help Mr T when doing the order the next day and see to that he worked it out alright, and there wasnt a real problem more then me being a bit picky, that i should help him more, and really just making me more irritated by the second by putting some of the blame on me. Or really just walking around the real subject to confuse and trow in a lot of crap comments to make you go away. He is like this my boss, seriously he is. So no wonder i am looking for something else to do. Its a shame really that the boss cant see who really is working and who is really just making a grand show of them doing some work, but really they just sit and drink coffe, chattering.

To be fair, i sit and relax a bit as well if there is a slow day, but really since you work at the tills as well you dont get to do that so much since you have to be at hand out in the store. At some times i think that we, the cashiers, are the only people with a work ethic worth mentioning at the store, and being cashiers we constantly get overlooked, 'becasue we only sit all day anyway' That is an actuall comment from my boss. He really really thinks we sit and do nothing at the tills. Oh we never take care of your angry customer, lift at least 3 tons a day in grocerys(fact), make sure that people leave the store with a good impression, smile and just make small talk to someone who maybe dont talk to anyone else that day. Small importent things, that without them, you wouldnt have any customers coming back because, who wants to go shopping in a store were they treat you like dirt and give you poor service?

Rant over, but i still got more so.... But maybe not today since the weather is fine and life in general otherwise is absolutely wonderful!

Thursday, September 19, 2002

Im getting to be spoilt about computer space, here i am sitting writing my mails and blogging a bit and listening to LOADS of music i saved on the computer...
Long live KaZaa! ;o)

I have said it before and i will say it again, what do people think we(shop attendances) are, their own personal slaves?? How do YOU behave when shopping? I want to know, because im getting fed up with being told how worthless i am by customers who are having a bad day or are generally just pissheads because they can be!

It is really about time i change jobs, so i dont need to bite my tounge every time it happens. Oh the joy of being able to speak your mind and dont need to worry about what the boss migth say once he gets to know about it. Its no good having a job where you end up hating someone so much you would gladly see them slip into the paperpress out back...! ;o)
I dont like when you cant blog, Blogger was being really silly yesterday so i didnt bother with trying to get in. Work yesterday was exhausting. I dont think i would like to work full time like that. Maybe when i was younger, but now, no way in hell...
I fell asleep before James got back from work and that is unusuall.

Part from work being a bit of a drag nothing really interesting happend at all. I finished burning this cd im going to send Jessica. And i managed to figure out all by myself how to do the cd cover as well. It got a quite cool picture of a white tiger on it. Well it had to be didnt it since i am the Divine Tigs.... ;o)

Am off to work soon, hopefully it will be calm and i might be able to sneak home early, but i suppose i really shouldnt be doing that, my boss might get the wrong idea and give me lesser hours if i keep at it.
No reply about the other job i applied for yet. Not that i was expecting any either, but a little note saying we received your application would be nice to get. Im not so sure they got it you see, but they must have!

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

I was asked on monday if i wanted to work on wednesday instead of having my day off then. So i agreed and in the end i agreed to work the whole shift since Mr T is sent on a course this week.
What a difference a day can make.... my boss was in the veggie section yesterday and it looked absouloutly smashing! Hopefully people will notice and tell him so he might have another consideration about Mr T, but i seriously doubt it. If anything Mr T will get hassled a bit more then usuall but thats about it i think. Mind you he is losing money quickly in his department and if it is anything the Big Boss doesnt like is losing moeny.... ;o)
But what do i care, i am in a hunt for another job, now once i have started i am going to keep at it, and on work that i wouldnt considered before as well, you cant but get a no. As Lotta did put it on saturday, one more day is one to many..!

Im sitting waiting for my mum to turn up so we can go and do a bit of shopping. There is an offer out on Pepsi, the essential drink in this household, so will go and stock up on it while i get a ride there and back. If i wouldnt have i might have considered going up there on my bike. For one i need to offload my presents to Al at her parents house since they are going down to Gothenburg this weekend for Robins birthday. And besides i am in a change of habit i think. Me and Jamie went out for a walk around the lake Tisken on sunday. It is about 5 km around it and we made it in an hour and a bit which i thought was exellent sicne i havent been walking at all since last winter. Biking is my life but not in wintertime, guess i got worried i was out of shape walk wise and wanted to find out if i would be crawling back home. But i wasnt at all tired when we got back home.
Might go out to walk for a bit after the shopping is done, it has really turned autumn like since sunday. It has been raining and is quite cold, around +10, colder during the nights. Wont be long now untill we have our first frost, YaY me says becasue then all the wasps will die off. They are really annoying at work and they are so slow right now i might end up sitting on one at the tills if i dont keep on watching out for them! Somehow they like our chairs we got at the till.

Monday, September 16, 2002

I got a list in the post today, a list of where people from my old class has ended up. Surprisingly many of them have moved to Stockholm. But also a great deal has stayed put here in Falun.....

Sunday, September 15, 2002

This over at Michelles just made me laugh insanely as i am a Monthy Python fan myself... ;o)
We have a high school reunion party coming up in october and im still pondering wether to go or not... It would be hilarious to go and see what the others are doing though. I went to the official website where you can sign in and chat to others that went at the same school as you and also see if anyone else in your class left their email or phone number if you want to get in touch. I get all sentimental when i see who has been in and written. Sadly though i am still considering NOT to go since the high school days werent the happiest of memorys to carry around with and i feel that im done with all the shit that went on then. Dont get me wrong, i like my class and had lots of fun with them, but when you start 7th grade you shift from a nice and cosy little school close to where i grew up to this HUGE one in town and from then on i hated it, tremendously. Or rather i hated certain people.... I didnt like going to school again untill I started collage (gymnasiet)
I've just applied for another job, im certain i wont get it anyhow but still, I DID IT!
It is election day in Sweden today. Somehow i doubt there will be a lot of changes done to the government. People will vote for socialdemokraterna and thats it. Even though the polls are showing the right wing parties as the leaders im not holding my breath about us getting a change.

Today is also my mums birthday, YaY mumsy ;o)
And since i invited her here for a dinner and fun and games on the computer i had better get cracking. Got a roast dinner to prepare and get on the way, also have to make a cake and go and vote!

Friday, September 13, 2002

We have had James' parents over for a week now. Sorry for not posting anything but as you might have guessed I have been busy busy.
This time they wanted to rent a cabin since they thought it too expensive to stay at a hotel again since they had no summer offers on anymore. And i agree, hotel prices in Sweden are astronomical off-season which i think is odd. But never mind that, you cant get a boat and free bikes included in a hotel for the price of a cabin by a lovely lake now can you? Ok it is a bit out of town, but think of the upside, you might spot the odd bear or elk as you sit sipping your morning coffe or tea... Not very likely but there is a chance of it out that way. So i thought i would warn them of it... Bad move i think since all they can think of now is getting back to the cabin before nightfall and they are constantly looking out for bears... ;o)

We have had absoloutly smashing weather all week, sunny and quite warm. Only thing coming to Sweden this time of year is that all the tourist attractions are closing down or have already closed, as we discovered on wednesday when we went around the big lake Siljan and did a quick visit to Leksand. The views off Vidablick was fantastic but sadly the viewingtower was closed for the season.
The rest of the afternoon we spent at their cabin, having a go at rowing the little boat and just relaxing.

On thursday we went out to the cabin early in the morning since i wanted to see if we could catch some fish. We spent a few hours rowing around and trying to fish in a drifting boat, we had no anchor, but in the end we gave up since it was so windy we just drifted into the shore all the time. But we had fun all the same, and watching James trying to coordinate himself enough to be able to row us back to the cabin was to put it mildly, fun... ;o)
We played a boardgame called The Labyrinth and had a few games of boule before heading back into town. I wanted to go shopping a bit for some presents for my mum and my friend Ann-Louise's son Robin who is having his first birthday soon. I found a lovely bedspread in lilac and goldstrips, but it was mucho expensive. But maybe if i ask nicely i might get half of it payed by James...

Friday the 13th...
Do i dare go to work?
Do i WANT to go to work?

Sunday, September 08, 2002

Sunday, and only one day left to clean up the place for James' parents! Its not that bad really but im a bit concerned how much mess the painters will do next week.
They (Kopparstaden) have decided to paint our windowpanels and frames next week, so i will have to get everything out of the windowsill's and take my curtains down. I asked if they couldnt do that the week after since we are having James parents over, but he said they were doing all of the building at once so it would be a bit difficult. It will take 5 days to do it though. I mean, how can it take that long? Ok, first day they scrape old paint off and put on a base, let that dry to the next day, then come back and put one layer of paint on and let it to dry and then next morning put on the finishing one??? Or how many layers do they actually do??

Thursday, September 05, 2002

Soon it is the weekend. And im so looking forward to it this week.
I was called in early today. Big Boss still hasnt filled anyone on Jurgens shifts after he quit a few weeks back since he was going off back to school. So we are constantly one man short on the shifts. Well you can imagine my surprise when i got to work today and Sabbi said that they were one extra since Boris had been playing boss and called in Ulla already without telling anyone about it. So really i had 2 hours of wandering around looking for something to do. I couldnt bother with going back home, besides it was thundering so I didnt really want to either. I had a bit of a strange day you could say. I ended up doin a bit of all sorts including doodling a bit in meatcutting. It wasnt as difficult as i thought. And Vera said it looked good what i was doing so...

We had Rosie and Per over yesterday evening. First time meeting Per i was, to say the least, very nervous. But i think he was more nervous then me in the end. Guy meeting his gf's best friend, who she has talked to about everything, wouldnt you be just a tad nerovus about what she knows? ;o)
We talked politics(!) and lots of other stuff as well, and i showed them the new computer, of course. It was nice, and a change from our usuall evenings lately. Not that im complaining, but a bit of variation is good for the soul. I at least got a good laugh when Rosie instead of saying that she had had an avlyssning said avsugning, that made my day, and Per's who couldnt stop laughing either. For all you who dont know swedish, avlyssning is when you listen to something and avsugning is a blowjob.... ;o)
Its much better in swedish though!

When i got home today i noticed two quite big boxes in the halway, alright i thought what has he bought now. And when i went to check my emails i noticed something very strange with our desk. Someone had attached a steeringwheel to it in an attempt to drive it away! There were even some pedals on the floor! Im just waiting for the speeding ticket to arrive on the monitor window now... ;o)
And when i turned on the speakers i got a shock from the subwoofer hiding ontop of the computer tower. He said something about being out shopping a bit earlier when i phoned him from work, maybe i should take him out 'shopping' more often if this is what he comes home with! Btw, the sound is superb!

Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Alright, i think im getting to grips with a bit of css stuff now. Please go here and say what you think. It is sort of finished, im not quite alright about the translucent thingy, still think it looks like a pair of stockings pullded over the text, which makes the quality of text quite poor. But never mind, its early days in my design career.... ;o)
I've been to the dentists this morning. After being there last week to fix a broken filling i thought i might as well go for a checkup and got the time for today. I almost overslept though! It must be subconcious, i knew where i was going but really didnt want to... ;o)
Anyway i woke up in time and just had a quick youghurt and a brush of the pearly whites before biking there as quickly as i could. I got in and the dentist had a good poke around and a scrape or two, also took some x-rays. But no matter how much he poked he couldnt find anything to fix. Im very relieved about that! I hate drilling, its scary! I feel so sorry for Paul who has just pulled out a tooth, i have only done that once since one of my wisdoom(!) teeth decided to grow outward into my cheek. But mine never broke, still it was the biggest tooth i've ever seen with a double root. Yeuch....

So, what to do on my day off. James is sleeping, and snoring mind you, so must be very very quiet. Maybe i will go into town a bit early and do a bit of shopping before heading of to grans. Yes it is once more granny day! Other then that i dont know what to do with today. Mind you it is lovely out there so i might lure James out a bit earlier ,if he isnt too tired that is, and go for a long bike ride.

Tuesday, September 03, 2002

I was wondering, how long does it take for my blog to load?
So it is night time again and no James to keep me company in bed. But i really have to go to bed and sleep! Im getting up early in the morning so...better be beddie buys now, and thanks to blogger being silly earlier i havent been able to do any more work on my template since access was denied when i tried it out. Also a long post vanished into thinn air since i forgot to copy it before posting the damn thing. And i cant be bothered to try to rememeber what i wrote in it anyway.

Its been a crappy day at work for me today. The only thing i liked doing, im not going to get to do anymore... Big Boss said it was best if Mr T got to order everything for now untill HE knows how to do it, i mean if the guy hasnt improved from when he started at this, ages ago, do you think he will?? Seriously?? Or..else they think im crap at it and thats why im not getting to do it anymore. But why not say so to me then instead of this? I anyway think it is a truck full of bullshit! Pardon my french!!

Monday, September 02, 2002

This is as far as i got for now, have to rush over to work now before im late! Leave any comments about how it looks like. I am thinking of moving the tiger to unde rthe text bit but i have to figure out how to make a translusent textblock first though. Any tips?
Despite that i asked James to do it for me i have been fiddling myself with a bit of help from him. So, bare with me with this one ok? ;o)