Sunday, September 15, 2002

We have a high school reunion party coming up in october and im still pondering wether to go or not... It would be hilarious to go and see what the others are doing though. I went to the official website where you can sign in and chat to others that went at the same school as you and also see if anyone else in your class left their email or phone number if you want to get in touch. I get all sentimental when i see who has been in and written. Sadly though i am still considering NOT to go since the high school days werent the happiest of memorys to carry around with and i feel that im done with all the shit that went on then. Dont get me wrong, i like my class and had lots of fun with them, but when you start 7th grade you shift from a nice and cosy little school close to where i grew up to this HUGE one in town and from then on i hated it, tremendously. Or rather i hated certain people.... I didnt like going to school again untill I started collage (gymnasiet)

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