Friday, August 26, 2011

Festival of Quilts in pictures

Here are just a few of all the pictures I took from the festival of Quilts in Birmingham.

 This was elected Best in Show and I so do agree!

Think what you can do with this technique when using it in a dress....

This one was just amazing! And it had such a nice fall around the skirt..

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Birmingham Festival of Quilts

Ok... I think I have found heaven!

I have never been to such a place as this Festival of Quilts, there is just sooo much to take in and to see and to buy there aren't enough hours it is open! We were there waiting outside for it to open but still we hardly managed to see everything before it closed, so thank the gods we have another day tomorrow!

I've already bought so much fabric but have my eyes set on more and I have seen a kit for a queen size quilt, but I've never sewn from a kit before so don't know if i would like it. But it is oh so tempting to buy it because both me and Jamie absolutely love it! It incorporates some applique which I have never done before but it looks a simple enough design, just some leaves scattered around the border. Talking about poor Jamie, he has been very well behaved and put up with a lot of carrying and standing waiting for me when I got into looking for fabric. Bless him he will have to do it all again tomorrow!

Lets see, there is still the whole quilt exhibition to see tomorrow and to take pictures of and then there are the second round of going around looking for more fabric and notions and maybe a new ruler and maybe a few books or patterns to be bought. I have seen a quilting frame I would like to buy to my machine, makes it a whole lot easier to free motion quilt and you don't need to invest in a longarm, even if that might be something I do in the future. There were a few other new crafts that I would like to try but I think it will have to wait for another time, just cant start another one plus all the other ones I am doing already!

I will post pictures later when we have access to Jamies parents computer with the little slot for the memory card.