Thursday, September 19, 2013

Autumn bliss and lose threads

We are heading quickly towards my favourite time of year, they had a frost warning on the radio and it is fairly nippy outside at the moment. I love when first frost comes around and everything slows down in the garden and then as a final farewell explodes in vivid colours before the snow comes. I love being outside in the crisp air and take long walks on blustery days like today. I thought about this earlier this  morning when driving to work through the autumn fog and hearing people on the radio moaning about the turn to cooler temps. They just don't know what they are missing!

My quilting course has started up again after the summer break, we are now exploring the fun and games of paper piecing.... It is not my favourite technique due to the weirdness of 'lay it all out nice and even and then flip everything over and sew???' But since my sister mentioned that she might want me to sew her a quilt with a mariners cross in it I had to figure out how you do it and paper piecing seems to be the answer. I am actually quite excited about the design I made on Tuesday(but don't tell teacher that!), Marina showed me how you draw and design a mariners cross for paper piecing so now I can just have fun and make variations on it since I know the basics.

Isn't it lovely to have a three day weekend?  I get them every second week since I work the other weekends. Three long days. I am going to help mum at her allotment tomorrow putting up some posts for her anti deer net, She recently got the plot next to her old one so twice the space to grow veg and flowers next spring. She is already planning what she is going to sow and moving everything about! Hopefully the weather stays nice and dry for us. If it doesn't I can stay in and sew!