Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Unlike me I have decided almost straight away how to do something instead of ponder away and dither until the ends of time. And this is how i decided to do the quilt. All i got to do now is do the quilting and I've chosen a soft black fleece as the backing. It will be really nice and snug to have it in the sofa on those colder evenings.

Decide or not to decide...

So now it is all stitched together but I will have to think about finishing it off. Big border around it? Little one? Add some of the colour that I've used in the blocks or just a black one? All things considered I am quite proud of it. It is made of 80 blocks and I have kept at it and done it in one go instead of losing interest and going on to make something else. Decisions decisions... Me will ponder about it for a while, any suggestions?