Tuesday, July 29, 2003

When sat reading my mails today i found out that an online friend is in hospital due to a bad car accident earlier this week. He is one from the #Cheeky fookahs gang that once rambled the land of IRC. Geeez that was ages ago but still you have close ties to people you met and talked to all those years ago. It seems he is on the mend slowly and surely. Hopefully i will have more news once my emails have been fired off to others.

I've been troubled by the bloggers-block-bug. Couldnt find anything even mildly interesting to write about. Talk about boring life or just a boring outlook on life. Even considered taking this one down and vanishing from the net. I might burn and rise again as the phoenix in a different form, who knows. All i know is that now im utterly bored and cant keep boring you all with this nonwriting malarky. Decisions decisions...

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

While surfing through a couple of blogs i got a whiff of this site. And for a moment i thought they were serious, but they cant be, or could they...? At least it made me laugh so loud im sure the neighbours thinks im a loony!

Thursday, July 10, 2003

I must be in a white period. Everything in our apartment is turning white or lighter shade of grey. The new sofa, white. Our old coffetables, painted white. New curtains for the bedroom, white. Seating in the new pinnsoffa, offwhite with white garlands. And maybe some white glittery wallpaper for the hall. Havent decided yet on the hall though, have to know if we can get someone to do it or if me and my mum will try to do it ourselves. Maybe it is because i saw an article in a decorater magazine with lovely pictures from a home that i really really liked. And everything in there were shades of white with splashes of colour to accent but mainly it was, white..

Or else it might just be me wanting a calmer surrounding after all the stress we've had with planning the wedding and moving house. Its just a speculation though.

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Sorry for not blogging, but we've been really busy bees. And somehow being on vacation makes you have a life away from the computer! I've finaly finished painting the wardrobe doors, still have the ones in our bedroom to do. But the guestroom is looking nice and sparkling white now with new doorknobs as well. It is strange how things just seem to multiply when you start to do some DIY... First it was a matter of getting the wardrobes painted, now its expanded to re-wallpaper the hall, paint our old coffe tables and put them somewhere else and buy a new NICE coffeetable to go with our new sparkling sofa and do something with the 'pinnsoffa' we bought on monday. We went to an auction on sunday, no luck with any furniture but lots of goodies in the nicknack shelves. I bought some boxes with linnen, christmas things, and a box containing all sorts of curtains, old lace and old lace tablecloths. That went quite high because there were some true gems folded in with the curtains. Pictures will be up later.

But he furniture was really tatty or very old and in dire need of careful resturation and sicne that isnt my strong side i didnt bother about them at all. But we got ourselves a pinnsoffa - wooden sofa for the kitchen. Rosie tipped us off when we went to her parents house for dinner on friday night (they are house sitting for a week) that there was a nice pinnsoffa just arrived in the secondhand shop she works in. So went to have a look on saturday and had it reserved in case of we found something nicer at the auction. We went and bought it yesterday and it is now sitting stripped of its old seatingcover waiting to be upholstered by me any day now. See i told you DIY multiplies!

Tuesday, July 01, 2003


Doesnt it just look gorgeous! It is like a huge white meringue all fluffy and soft to sit in. And it has finaly arrived, silly buggers at IKEA losing it... *mumbles*

Am off to do some weeding at our alotment. Havent been there for a couple of days since it has been raining nicely and no watering needed then. But have to go and see how much has come up. The other day all the spinach seemed to have taken and where popping up all over the place, and the peas started to come up as well. But i could only count to 4 potatoes growing. Will post pictures of it later. Time to get all muddy!