Friday, September 30, 2005

I've had a change of heart...

It is quite a radical one as well. From a nice rusty red to pale white and beige floral for a feature wall and striped one to match. But I think we'll like it for longer then the red one. I wasn't so sure when I saw the red one in the shop and I got lots of help from the staff at Flugger Färrg with different suggestions to whatIi could have instead. In the endIichickenedd out and took the sample book with me back home to see what James thought of the different options before deciding. He actually agreed with me straight away on my favorite one butIi showed him some of the other options.

This is what we are having. Went and bought it this afternoon plus everything else needed so we might start doing the room tomorrow. Depending on the weather. If it is nice we are going to help mum turn her allotment for winter and cut the grass since it is our turn in the rota. If it is pissy and rainy weather as predicted this morning in the news Lotta will be coming over to help us out with the wallpapering. Keep your fingers crossed about it being rainy! Want to get started now when we have decided.

Early bird and such..

It is still pitch black outside, James has gone off to work and I am still perky as anything! It is very weird getting up at 4 in the morning voluntarily! Don't ask me why but I just woke up when James did and thought, hmm cant be bothered to try to get to sleep again. I'm sure I will suffer later on today but at the moment I am ready to do anything. Cant really go out in the garden just yet though since I wont see a thing and I think the neighbor's will think me slightly mad if I wander around with a flashlight while weeding out summer plants and stuff.

We have plastered and prepared the guest room for wallpapering this week. Lotta came over to help me do it on Wednesday and I finished it off yesterday by sanding it down so it is all nice and smooth now. I am going to go and order the wallpaper today and I might have a change of heart in what wallpaper to use. We were thinking of having a rusty red with a medallion pattern in a deeper red but I am not sure at the moment. Will have to see if I still like the one we decided on before. Anyway, I got carte blanche by James to choose which ever one I liked instead. Dangerous that, you know, I might come home with a lovely deep lilac aubergine colour and then what would he do... ;)

At the moment it is hovering around 0 degrees outside and things are turning more and more like autumn. This is what the view out our bedroom window greets me with every morning

Lovely isn't it.
It will soon be time to plant our hedge as well. Hopefully we will get them in the next week or so depending on if it gets colder so the leaves drop. James is sawing the planks for our vegetable raised beds boxes. I think they will work very nicely with what we have planned for next year in the vegetable garden patch. Still have to decide if we are doing the big dig next year to improve the drainage around the house. I think I'll ask Rosies dad what he thinks seeing as he is in the construction business and if he knows someone who could have a look and see how serious it is. If we do the Big Dig we will probably re-do the front drive as well while we are messing about. At the moment the weeds and grass are creeping ever closer into the gravel and its just not looking nice. I thought about some sort of paving, possibly cobblestones if you can get them cheap off a reclaim yard. Lots to do and plan and think about. But first we will get the guest room done in time for James parents visit at Christmas time. We will probably take down the wall downstairs after that and lay new floor and wallpaper downstairs before they come as well. It is just a matter of cracking on when you get the time at weekends.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Season of plenty.

The only vegetable growing well in our garden are my yellow pear tomatoes. Hopefully (crossing fingers) they will still have some time to mature on the vine before the frost nights start if not they will make do with my window sill in the kitchen. It is looking very hopeful at the moment weather wise though. Something else isn't looking hopeful though, I've picked only 12 runner beans from my 6 (!) plants so as you might imagine I'm not a happy bunny. Thank the gods that mum has plenty at the allotment this year. Even though we fertilized and watered extra when it was warm and dry the beans haven't really liked it here. Possibly the soil is very poor and needs a major injection of manure/compost/extra peat next spring to be able to sustain any sort of vegetable. I've had a closer look at the soil and it seems lacking of something. It is nice and light but feels... starved, cant find any better way of explaining what I mean. The new soil we bought will boost it somewhat but I think we will be buying manure in bulk next year to get any sort of structure into it..

The flowers like it here though....