Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Season of plenty.

The only vegetable growing well in our garden are my yellow pear tomatoes. Hopefully (crossing fingers) they will still have some time to mature on the vine before the frost nights start if not they will make do with my window sill in the kitchen. It is looking very hopeful at the moment weather wise though. Something else isn't looking hopeful though, I've picked only 12 runner beans from my 6 (!) plants so as you might imagine I'm not a happy bunny. Thank the gods that mum has plenty at the allotment this year. Even though we fertilized and watered extra when it was warm and dry the beans haven't really liked it here. Possibly the soil is very poor and needs a major injection of manure/compost/extra peat next spring to be able to sustain any sort of vegetable. I've had a closer look at the soil and it seems lacking of something. It is nice and light but feels... starved, cant find any better way of explaining what I mean. The new soil we bought will boost it somewhat but I think we will be buying manure in bulk next year to get any sort of structure into it..

The flowers like it here though....


Anonymous said...

To be fair on the "could have beens" they did get a bit of a late start in life, they might have had a better chance if they went in at the same time as your mums.

Eleanor said...

It was the same our first year here - the flowers did well, but the vegetables didn't. However, the following year we got it all going properly in the spring and that made all the difference. I'm sure that next year will see your whole garden fluorish.:) Gorgeous pics, by the way!

Oh, and in case you've been trying to visit me and are wondering where I went, I've had to start a new blog in a new place. Long story, but there were big problems with the other one and it had to go ... in a hurry. I'm now at: http://tametheshrew.blogspot.com/