Saturday, November 29, 2003

We are visiting my sister in Gothenburg this weekend. We usually try to get there for her birthday once a year. We went into Gothenburg today for some christmas shopping. Well considering the amount of people milling around the streets i am surprised that James kept up for the entire day! He was very good even when i got a bit cranky at the end before we had a little lucnh at a full packed cafe. Their warm sandwiches were nicer then our home made ones and that says a lot, anyway to Pauline.. :)

I only managed to get one christmas present though. But of course we had time to go into a Lush shop as well. But considering how much soap i already have at home i was very very good and only bought a honey soap. Cant live without that soap!

The drive down here was miserable all the way. Rain and thick mist didnt do the trip any good. Neither did the fact that i was collected straight from work and we had already had a hectic morning there so i was very tired to start with. But we got here in the end even though it took at least one hour longer then any other trip we have made down to my sister. The forcast for tomorrow when we are going back doesnt look much better. Still grey and rain, possibly snow further up north. Ok for rain and mist, but please no snow untill we are home!

Saturday, November 22, 2003

I wish i would have had our camera right now! It has been snowing all night and everything is coated with lovely sugary looking snow. Every branch of the trees are white, you cant see the lawn anymore and it is still snowing and the light outside is just amazing. I think i will go for a walk before heading off to work. It is sooo looking like christmas out there i've even put on my christmas cd. Oh bliss... And to make things even better. James is coming home tonight! I've missed him terribly, havent really been able to get my feet moving at all when he has been gone.

Im out of here, first going to feed the birds outside though before going wandering in the snow. I'll post pcitures tomorrow if the snow is still here.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

We had a poweroutage at work this morning around 11. Apparently half of Falun was out and half of Borlänge as well. Dont know what happend yet. I will check the local news in a few minutes to find out if it was some clever chappy on a digger cutting the cable or if someone was half asleep throwing the wrong switch ;) It only went on for 15 minutes though so it wasnt so bad. Strange enough people kept on coming in and wanted to pay when we had no working tills! What do people think about when they demand to be able to shop even though we cant get into our tillboxes for change since they run automatic with the rest of the program. Sheeesh.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

It is snowing.
Just a few flakes but still, it is snowing!

James has gone to England for a flying visit before christmas. He had not told his dad that he was coming but his mum was all in on the conspirecy to surprise James dad. I think it went down very well. Have to have a proper talk to James tomorrow, we were both too tired this afternoon to make any good sense. I was napping when he phoned and he was still tired from the plane trip and then the bus trip up north. Im still tired from driving him, we had to get up at 4 to get ready and head off at 5. But now i know how long it takes (2h) so i wont be too early on saturday when im going down to Västerĺs to collect him. Besides he is taking the late plane but still it is good to know when you can start off. Oh im rambling on, just too tired to make much sense so you will have to excuse me.

Sunday, November 16, 2003

All is well again at work even though the drama spilled over to continue on Friday morning.

Lotta, Me, James and Roland went to an auction today, well two auctions if you are going to be picky. The first one being furthest away and the one that in the newspapers looked most promising was in fact the most disappointing one of the two. The first one was held by the same company that sold the cupboard we bought this summer. And it was supposed to be their quality autumn auction. Bah humbug is my opinion! Ok lots of old stuff. Old enough to have come from some museum and just as brittle as such items. Nothing really for us since we usually like the auction with goodie boxes and all sorts rather then the expensive collectors auctions. So after a brief discussion where everyone agreed to move on it was onward to Borlänge. And since it started later, at noon, we had plenty of time to view what was going.

I found 2 very cute and odd looking elephants that I bought for 25 kronor, unfortunately along with them came a little wooden indian which is cute also, a modern metal string sculpture as a candle holder (perfect for Rosie) and a little ceramic pot for melted butter. I put the two elephants in my coat pocket and handed the other stuff to James. Poor him and poor Roland but they are generally very good and don't grumble too much if we feed them a few sausages while the items are being sold off. There were some postcards but not really any nice ones or local to us. And as James said postcards of churches are just plain old boring since they don't change like a city card does.

We found another thing as well. A 1920's wall clock. At the bargain price of 275 kr! I thought it would be hopeless to bid on it and start of way up in the 500's. The clock does work, you wind it up with a key and it has a clear ringing double chime and right now it is keeping time. We set it around 7 and it is still hanging in there. I don't know if we will keep the chime going once its run out when the auction man winded it up for us to hear, it depends on how annoying we think it is at night. But I suppose you can get used to it though.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Major drama at work tonight. Mrs B took it badly that she and Mr B wasn't invited to a cruise on a Finland ferry, they found out tonight. She thought it was a work organized party but really it is Big Brother still haunting us and selecting a few friends and former work colleagues to take on trips like this. And it is always a big hush hush about them going so as to that Mr B and missus or anyone 'unsuitable' wont get whiff of it until it is too late. Obviously because they don't want them to tag along. It's the A team and the B team all over again. I hate when that happens.

Anyways, Mrs B thought also that there were a lot of bullshitting going on at work and everyone talking behind her back and so on. Well no wonder since she is readily dishing it out as well. But seemingly she cant take the heat when it is reversed and fell into tears tonight when I asked if there was something wrong. She said she had been nice to others and couldn't understand why people where behaving like this, she also asked me if she had been nasty towards me and I said it had been borderline a couple of times. When I said that she looked very shocked and said if it was so she hadn't meant it in a bad way. I suppose it is how you come across when talking to someone. But seriously, she has been dishing it out. We have one girl on maternity leave who cried every day the last 2 weeks before she went on leave because of Mrs B nasty tongue so she isn't all innocent. But sadly it must come to this before we do anything about it. If anything will happen is yet to be seen though. Me, I have doubts it will and if anything will happen it is that Big Boss will tell us all to leave Mrs B alone and shut up about the bullshitting. But that wont solve the real reason for all of this. And the real reason why work is a horrible place to be in sometimes is Mr B and his attitudes and that Big Boss allowed Mrs B to start work there as well. You could handle one but pair them up and you got hell brewing and I wouldn't like to be there when it boils over. It will be most interesting to go to work in the morning. I've already phoned Lotta and warned her about the storm coming ....

Sunday, November 09, 2003

I walked to work this morning and took the camera with me. There had been fog all night so everything was covered in white frost. I snapped a few pictures and the one in the menu list is one of them. It's a shame i didnt have more time or else i could have had a very nice picture of frosted leaves. But time was running out and i needed to get to work.

Work, well it was as it usuall is. Somehow it doesnt bother me that it is a complete nuthouse some days and other days it gets my skin crawling just thinking about going there. Today was a so so day. It wasnt horrible, but it wasnt fun either. Just ..blank. You do what your supposed to do and nothing else. How sad isnt that.

Friday, November 07, 2003

I've just had a shower and used almost the last drops of 'B' never to busy to be beautiful' shower gel, I only use it when I need to treat myself to something luscious when I'm tired to the bone from work. Ohhhh, the bathroom absolutely oozes of a lovely honey scent. Not to mention my skin, all soft and sweet smelling. It smells like I've dipped myself in a big honey pot (but nicer!) Its such a shame they don't to big bottles of it, only small gift ones. I've already checked on the Lush online shopping site since I'm running out if it! I'm a great fan of everything Lush and fresh. It was James' mum that introduced me to this wonderful world of great handmade soap and bath ballistics and wonderful bubbles and and and! There is a new shop in Sweden as well! In Västerĺs! That is not so far away from here. Hopefully they will open a new shop further north soon and end up in Kupolen (big shopping center in Borlänge) because I doubt it will come here to ickle Falun.

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Don't you just hate needles?

I went to have a blood test done yesterday and knowing I'm a difficult patient with veins that don't want to be found I told the nurse she will only get 3 chances and then I'm out of there. I've started to set a limit to how many times they can stick that needle in me after a disastrous time when they couldn't draw blood. And still they had tried 7 places on both of my arms. In the end they took it from the top of my hand and burst the vein in the process as well so I had a HUGE black bruise for a week or so after it. So the pressure was on for the poor nurse, she joked and said I might stick around for the 4th time but I looked her straight in the eye and said no way am I going to be a living pin cushion again. She managed to find enough blood on her second attempt, at least enough for the tests they needed to do. I will find out next week what the results are when I have an appointment to see the doctor. Its nothing serious, I'm a diabetic you see and they do checkups once in a while. And I'm not worried since my blood sugar levels have been very good.

Monday, November 03, 2003

Long time ago there used to be someone posting on this blog. But where the heck she went I haven't got a clue.

How come your life can get so boring that its not worth posting anything about it? Well its not really boring, BORING. Just very , normal and quiet and everyday kind of stuff. There is just so much you can say about work, home, auctions. OHH yes we've been to quite many auctions me and Lotta. Getting really into this now, we even have our little 'black books' with us now where we put what the things went for and what they were. Ohh very smart and professional... Pfft. James is now so bored of auctions he actually falls asleep with his eyes open at them. I still persist in that he doesn't need to come with me every time but still he does. I think it is because he has figured out that he can keep a better eye on me when he's there. But I usually buy MORE when he is there then when he isn't.

I've finished the book and am started on another one by Tolkien. I'm eagerly awaiting the last film as well, but doubt if I can get any tickets for it the first week. Still I don't consider myself a total LOTR geek. I like the fantasy world of it. But I didn't think the book was the most amazing book I've ever read. I am ashamed to say I prefer the films even though they don't follow the book.... It will be interesting to see how they've rearranged the last film and what their ending will be. I quite like the ending of the book even though it means that the Shire gets it. I thought I heard somewhere that it wasn't included in the film. Oh well, not long now though.