Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Spirit

This years tree is a Swedish one and it was a tall one so we had to trim it a bit. But it looks very nice in all its finery. Observe the fake cotton snow... Jamie thought I was weird doing that when he saw it for the first time but it looks nice and is better to use then the fake stuff in a can...

This years gingerbread houses with chocolate snowman who is not expected to last much longer.. we do have someone who decapitated the last one I bought so he could say it was melting, melting..!


You know I told you last time it had snowed? Well now I am looking out at RAIN! All the lovely fluffy stuff has gone and it is now sort of barely covering the ground. They are predicting colder weather though so there still might be a chance of a white Christmas which we haven't had for some years.

Part from the weather being obnoxious everything is set and ready to go for Christmas Eve dinner with the family. I've made it easy by choosing a pre made ham instead of needing to cook the whole thing myself, all that is needed is to roast it in the oven with some sweet mustard and breadcrumbs sprinkled on top before serving and mum is doing the marinating of ribs and we are not having a big spread of dishes anyway this year so a Christmas made easy it is!

We've had a few friends over before Christmas for pressie swaps and pre holiday fun. We attempted to do marzipan gnomes and ended up doing snowmen and pigs as well that we dipped in chocolate. We had a little chocolate dipping frenzy with dried figs and strawberries wrapped in marzipan at the end. Lovely...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

White Christmas..?

Currently playing Bing Crosby - Silver Bells

It has come about 15 cm of new fresh fluffy white snow. It snowed all day yesterday so now everything is perfectly coated and the sun is shining from a clear blue sky. What else could you wish for? Well maybe that my cold would go away. I've been home the last couple of days with a very thick head and nose. At least it is showing signs of clearing up. So it is back to work for me tomorrow.

I've sent Jamie off shopping for some gingerbread house dough. I spent the morning making a layout of the gingerbread house I am going to attempt to build this evening. I hope he remembers the smarties to decorate the roof with! We have a tradition of building gingerbread houses for Christmas. Mum used to make a whole village with houses in different sizes and decorate the landscape with fake snow(cotton wool)and use our plastic farm animal toys. We usually got to help out with the decorating and the icing and smarties. Somehow you ended up eating most of the smarties though..

I am really starting to get a hang of how to get a relaxed Christmas by just doing the things I really enjoy and cut out most of the must-do's that really no one needs or miss if they are not there or done. It is mainly in your head actually these must-do's. I did a bit of decorating yesterday when I was home from work and it is now looking Christmassy in the Last residence. Only thing missing is the Christmas tree which we will probably get sometime next week. I've also sorted through the decorations, did that actually last year, so now I only got the stuff up that I like (Jamie don't mind whatever is up as long as it isn't too tacky..)We have hyacinths blooming and spreading their lovely scent all over the house. My deep red Amaryllis is just starting to open and we got Christmas lights wrapped around the 2 small conifers beside the front porch.

Ahhh for a lovely cup of tea with some honey for my sore throat.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The more it snows a tiddeli pom..

Currently listening to Joan Baez - Sweet Sir Galahad

It is snowing. Gentle little fleks falling. I love snow. We went up to celebrate my sister on her 40th birthday this past weekend and it snowed all day so we had perfect snowmen snow. So of course we went out and made a snowman that ended up looking like Mickey Mouse for some unknown reason.I tried to ambush Jamie when he came out to help with the snowmouse but he was already prepared and had four snowballs at the ready against my only one. I also made a snowlantern that we had lit all evening. It was a very relaxing day with lots of good food and laughter. Just as life should be.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Big turned little

So we have finally done the Big Dig. Well it turned out to be a small dig actually since they encountered problems when digging and thought it safer not to dig around whole of the house foundation and rather just do the bit where the cellar is, we got a quarter cellar where there has been an old boiler, heater which is very damp indeed. So it is all sorted and the bill came this morning i think because i saw it on the kitchen table and by the size of it it seems like the small dig was almost as expensive as the big dig!

Oh well it is done now so we can pay it off and start to think about what is next to do to the house. Highest on my list is decking around the house including putting in a door from the lounge out onto said decking. But at the top of the list is also redecorating the shower room/utility room where we have a sauna we never use taking up a lot of space and fix/decorate the upstairs toilet and the downstairs toilet. After that i suppose there is the kitchen to think about. It never ends does it?

Thursday, July 10, 2008


What was that? What you mean already back to work?!?!
I cant believe that my vacation just went by like a blink of an eye! But by gods it was a busy blink!

The first two weeks was spent at home doing gardening stuff or so we thought, you see my knee happened and that put a nice stop to that. At least we got a bit done before i had to take a seat on the sofa and the stupid knee was much better when we went to Germany and England.

Oh the concert with Bruce was magnificent! I have for so long wanted to go and see him in concert but it has always been hard to get tickets since they sell out in a matter of hours here in Sweden. But my clever husband looked elsewhere when it wasn't possible to get tickets for the concerts in Gothenburg so he thought, why not a weekend in Hamburg so he could finally ask me the question, Excuse me, but are you a Hamburger.... Yeah i know, he has a warped comic streak in him but i love him for it all the same. I don't know if i like Hamburg though. A bit soulless if you know what i mean. Oh it is a big town and all but almost all of its history had been blasted away in WW2 and it showed.. I really cant get all excited about something built in the 50s and 60s not to mention the 70s..brrrr. As well as i cant understand the need to advertise the red light district as a 'must do' when in Hamburg. We had a quick drive-by with the open top tour bus (yes you got to do one of those) in St Pauli and the famous Reeperbahn. And that was frankly enough to put you off from going there anymore. I cant and will not ever see the point of going somewhere to see someone stick a needle up their arm, totally oblivious to the fact that a full tourist bus is slowly crawling by watching him do it. Just as i cant see what point you have of the pictures you take of the man...? Is that what you will show your friends back home when they ask what your holiday in Hamburg was like? Sigh...

I would like to go to Germany again but maybe to somewhere that has a bit more history saved. And you got to admire the German efficiency. Everything was on time and clean and ... well there is nothing to complain about, well maybe that irritating habit of dubbing everything into German on the telly. Do you know how weird it is hearing a German voice coming out of Orlando Blooms mouth when trying to watch Elizabethtown? It was just too much. We ended up watching the football (yay Spain!) and trying to decipher the news and weather.

Our week in England was lovely. Lots of shopping done(new smaller clothes that actually fit me!!) and we had a really nice family day out hiring a boat on The Broads celebrating James' dads 60th birthday. He didn't know where we were taking him but he soon sussed the general direction out and then he put two and two together. Everyone took turns in driving the boat and we had a nice buffe picnic by the side of the river and toasted in some bubbly. It was very relaxing gliding down the little rivers and canals, just watching the world go by and look on in amazement how big a boats some people have! And luck would have it it didn't rain until the very last hour.

We had 2 days at home before going off to Stockholm with some friends of ours. We had a 3 night stay in a hotel, saw lots of stuff you don't normally do when in Stockholm, like the boat tour under Stockholms bridges, going by boat to the viking settlement of Birka, the lovely garden and castle of Rosendal, went up the tower at Kaknäs and got rewarded with a great view of Stockholm, had a night out in the amusement park Gröna Lund where we did try out the Funny House and the Haunted House (well me and Rosie wanted to get scared) and watched Fredrik go on one roller coaster after another while safely on the ground taking pictures of him. We also managed to have a long walk through the Old Town and all its small alley ways and artists shops. Not to mention tripping over all the Japanese tourists flocking around every corner. I don't know why Stockholm is so popular with the Japanese but they seem to be everywhere in summertime.

All in all a very good vacation, part from my knee which btw is much better now so I'll stop going on about the knee since the knee is so much better in a knee like way...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Restless legs..

I am getting the jitters! On Friday we are going to fly to Hamburg for a weekend stay including going to see Bruce Springsteen in concert on Saturday and i am getting very excited about it all! But also very nervous... We have booked an apartment in central Hamburg but it is always a bit nervous before getting there and seeing how it looks like and getting settled. It seems really easy to find though, just get on the u-bahn at the bus station and hop off after 6 stations, if you are going the right way of course! We have been doing a wee bit of research of what there is to see but I still think it will mainly be a hop on hop off bus and then maybe a stroll through the older parts. Got to see how much my knee will allow me to do as well. The knee is feeling much better even though it really is sporting all colours under the rainbow at the moment.

Tickets, concert tickets, passports, euros, guidebook, camera, instructions to find apartment+map, adress book, mobile phone - check.

Clothes? Don't know what to wear and no it isn't because i got sooo much to choose from anymore, nothing fits me anymore! You see i am shrinking, shrinking..!! The last time James translated it into pounds and stones I'd lost 2.8 stones. Doesn't sound much compared to when you say it in kg, which is 18, something. Sounds better doesn't it?

Oh well at least we are going straight to England from Germany so can get more clothes there... shhh, did you hear that? It was James screaming of despair at the weight of our suitcases... poor soul no wonder he is preparing and doing all these sit ups. I do count them our for him when doing them, well at least i try to do so between the burst of laughter at the sight of him doing sit ups crawling out of his underwear inch by inch. Don't know how he does it but it is sort of watching a very slow sporty striptease..!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it is my knee!

Yes i know i said i would be back after my walk yesterday but since it was Friday the 13 th what did happen? Well on my walk yesterday i was looking at a plant saying to James that that one is just like the one we got in the garden when i twisted my ankle and feel hard on my left knee which now more or less resembles a blimp in size and are proudly sporting 2 huge bruises and a nice shaved off patch of skin. In the process i also managed to make a hole into my new trousers over the knee. Hopefully it will soon go back to normal. My knee that is, trousers are now degraded to being worn when doing gardening stuff instead of coming with us to Germany/England for our vacation. If i don't see any improvement i suppose i have to go to the medical center on Monday and see what they say about it.

Cant live life in the fast lane without injury eh?

Friday, June 13, 2008

Back to blogging...

So here i am again. I tried to feel comfortable at livejournal but it didnt really happen. As i have been reading a bit what i've written on here before i got thinking i should give it another go.

I'll be back in a bit. Got to get my walk in before those clouds that look likethe are going to empty of lots of rain get here.