Saturday, December 13, 2008

White Christmas..?

Currently playing Bing Crosby - Silver Bells

It has come about 15 cm of new fresh fluffy white snow. It snowed all day yesterday so now everything is perfectly coated and the sun is shining from a clear blue sky. What else could you wish for? Well maybe that my cold would go away. I've been home the last couple of days with a very thick head and nose. At least it is showing signs of clearing up. So it is back to work for me tomorrow.

I've sent Jamie off shopping for some gingerbread house dough. I spent the morning making a layout of the gingerbread house I am going to attempt to build this evening. I hope he remembers the smarties to decorate the roof with! We have a tradition of building gingerbread houses for Christmas. Mum used to make a whole village with houses in different sizes and decorate the landscape with fake snow(cotton wool)and use our plastic farm animal toys. We usually got to help out with the decorating and the icing and smarties. Somehow you ended up eating most of the smarties though..

I am really starting to get a hang of how to get a relaxed Christmas by just doing the things I really enjoy and cut out most of the must-do's that really no one needs or miss if they are not there or done. It is mainly in your head actually these must-do's. I did a bit of decorating yesterday when I was home from work and it is now looking Christmassy in the Last residence. Only thing missing is the Christmas tree which we will probably get sometime next week. I've also sorted through the decorations, did that actually last year, so now I only got the stuff up that I like (Jamie don't mind whatever is up as long as it isn't too tacky..)We have hyacinths blooming and spreading their lovely scent all over the house. My deep red Amaryllis is just starting to open and we got Christmas lights wrapped around the 2 small conifers beside the front porch.

Ahhh for a lovely cup of tea with some honey for my sore throat.

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Eleanor said...

Apart from the sore throat, that all sounds pretty wonderful! As you know, I've discovered "balance" with Christmas now, too, and it really does make it so much more enjoyable.

Thank you so much for the lovely card, which arrived a couple of days ago. It's always so great to receive Christmas greetings from faraway friends. It feels like everyone has stopped by my home for a little visit. :D

Oh, and I've been meaning to let you know that I'm also at Blogger again, if you'd find that more convenient. Hardly any of my online friends are LJ users, so it didn't make a lot of sense to have my only blog over there after I had to lock it down. I don't want to force anyone to open a LJ account, just to keep up with me. I'll keep both places going, as I do have a few friends exclusively at LJ and want to keep up with the communities I'm a part of there. But I do the actual blogging at Blogger and copy and paste to LJ. Blogger is much easier to use, for sure, and easy has to be a keyword in my life right now.

Have a very, very merry Christmas and thanks for sticking with me for another year!! xxoo