Friday, May 31, 2002

We've been out to the market/fair today and seen the king of Sweden. He came here to be presented with a diploma that Falun has become a World Heritage. Well more likely ye ol' coppermine has. Yes the big old hole in the ground is now a protected World Heritage. Amazing isnt it...

We even saw the king wave to us. Yes especially to us out of all those people that had gathered in the town square he waved at only us! Yay we do feel very special tonight because of that... ;o) (of course we waved back) (gracefully)....
Finaly friday. Work just swooshed by and it was time to go home before i had the time to think WEEKEND!
It was alright at work today i guess. Mr T is trying his best and i suppose i should give it a rest, BUT really, women are more organized!
Instead of lingering on forever with the vegetables we get in the morning i want to get them into the coldstore as quickly as possible and in the order as to when we got them. Oldest on top. But Mr T likes to fiddle with them and leaves them forever out in the warmth and instead is constantly on the phone to the grossers ordering more stuff or just chittchatting to the man in charge. And that annoys me A LOT! Because that means he is walking around trying to be all importent and leaves all work for me or Malin who works there as well.. It is only when i've given him the old evil eye look a few times and goes looking for where he has disappeared that he hustles a bit and gets something done! He is nice and all that but a drifter .... and the boys at work defends him whatever you say so what can you do but moan a bit and get a new job as soon as possible.. HA!

Thursday, May 30, 2002

I just opend the window and it smells lovely out there. Its been raining a bit tonight and it smells all fresh and clear with a touch of flowers blossoming now. I dont know the english word for it but here they are called Syren, its a bush with lilac flowers in a spire shape with a really divine scent. Maybe someone knows?

Its still a fairly light dusk out there. That is one of the best things with swedish summers, it doesnt get at all dark, just bit of a darker shade and then the sun goes up again. Makes it hard to get some sleep though since you think it is later then it is.
Just a day left to work untill im freeeeeee!

There is something special with Frankies voice.. I couldnt resist it any longer and went and bought a Frank Sinatra Greatest hits cd. Im listening to it right now and...aaaaah... relaxing from work. James has just gone to work so i thought i'd sit down and blog a bit and fiddle with the template and see what John has written on his page. And a glas of cold Pepsi Max does make everything perfect, at least for me....

Do you know which Frank song i like best? Please dont laugh, but its Strangers in the night. I cant get it out of my head and i almost know the lyrics off by heart. Besides i've been known to pester people with it... I even made a home made karaoke .midi of it! Ask Twinkie he knows... :o)

Wednesday, May 29, 2002

As you might have noticed i've changed my template, again. But i was getting bored and tired of the darker one with the moon and stuff so i wanted a change. You can still see how it looks like when reading the archives if i havent fixed that... Anyone know of a good template page that actually works?? I would be glad for any tips.

Other then that, my day off has proven to be a disappointment. James had to stay home since his cold has gone worse so i had no one to go watch the cruising with! Its not as fun to go by yourself, and Rosie wasnt home, probably out with her bf. And Lotta has escaped to Greece for a 2 week holiday, lucky her... It left me wondering what the heck i would get up to whole day. Slept in late and felt sleepier when i woke up then when i went to bed last night.

Just one of those days you feel got wasted away... i dont like that.

Monday, May 27, 2002

So, off he went on his bike to work. I've just realised how much i really hate sleeping alone. Its strange how quickly you get used to having someone close, snoring some times or just tossing and turning in bed because he cant sleep. Its quite interesting waking up hearing him talk in his sleep. Mumbling and really ranting sometimes! But i can never make out what it is all about. Mostly it is in jibberish, but then once in a while there is real sentence but totally wacko. Like the time he asked for his eggs now! And the next thing was something about pinning them (the eggs) to the wall. Dont ask me how his mind works, it keeps me greatly amused though.
Im sure he doesnt think the same about my ickle habit of wacking him one in his sleep. I did do that a lot before, but i suppose i got used to having someone there and arent just as violent as i was.... :o)

Got one more day of work before i can have my beloved day off! This weeks day off will be well used. There is this local fair all week. And on wednesday there is Cruising with old american cars or what else you have built in your garage during the winter. It is always fun watching them roll by. Especially the beefed up cars for street racing. There is a special something to the sound of a V8 that is irresistible... Hope the weather improves, right now it is drizzly rain, its been really pouring down earlier today.

Sunday, May 26, 2002

Wonder how James will cope tonight, they just phoned from his work and wondered where he was. Apparently his boss had forgot to tell him that the nigth schedule was from this week, i.e tonight as the first night. I quickly made him some tea to take with him in a flask (i know) and off he rushed with a kiwi and some youghurt as well. Poor thing is getting a cold so he is going to try his kiwi cure. He swears it helped him last time. Im not so sure about that... ;o)

The Eurovision song contest was hilarious last night. And yes the greek group looked like the Borg! Resistens is futile... Dont have an opinion if the songs where good or not. I thought all of them more or less sang out of tune besides the denmark singer who i thought was actually quite good. The new Leathered up BoyZone from Cyprus was a good laugh. Wonder where they have practised their 'bedroom looks' the main singer was glaring at the tv camera with. The russian group looked like something from a Loreal commercial with their perfectly put on make up. It must have been sweat proof stuff because i was waiting for it to smear when they showed close ups ...

Saturday, May 25, 2002

Oh God spare me the torment of the Eurovision song Contest. I think i will be wanting to strangle the female presenter after half the show! What a voice, she can sing alright, but why oh why does she have to talk..

Im going to watch this on BBC with Terry Wogan, sarcastic and wonderful!! He got the right attitude about this silly thing. Its a joke...

Thursday, May 23, 2002

I've been thinking about blog versus journal. And im not really either. Well more like a journal if anything but im then on the wrong spot for it. Silly but I like Blogger as such and there are lots of others writing pure journals in here as well. So why do people get all toffee nosed about the difference ?
You know, I might be wrong about the whole idea, but still this is just like something she would actually do and I've seen her do it to others before...
Today was yet another sunny day with a clear blue sky. I could get used to this. As long as I dont need to work of course...

It was ok at work I suppose, why do I still work there i ask myself quite frequently. Still havent come up with a good answer to that more then the obvious one, its money coming in. But not really what I would want to do for very much longer in life. Im sort of hoping James will get a steady job not needing to depend on that they phone him all the time offering him titbits of work.. And then I might get out of my job and do something completly different. Would give my poor bones some rest from that daily grind. Sometimes im wondering if im doing worse now that im in a different section. It is heavier work, but it is more varied then the other stuff I did.

Maybe I should be like this strange artist in the Letterman show , juggleling oranges while climbing through a tennis racket. I got the tv on as a backround noise and I listen in sometimes when it gets interesting or just like now, ridiculous.

I wrote a little email today to my exfriend and asked what the hell she ment saying stuff like that, and I got an all huffy mail back saying she didnt understand what i was on about...And would I explain further to what she might have done. Oh I would gladly do that but not right now, lets see if she phones or writes asking for an explanation again. Silly isnt it...?

Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Has anyone ever heard these little words of wisdom " What A says about B, says more about A then B"
Why im wondering is because a little fairy whispered in my ear I was being ridiculed by someone I thought was a friend. And all because I am getting married next year and she isnt...

I want revenge!! Something in the style of public humiliation, maybe even mutilation...! Im still steaming about it and I cant get it out of my head. Silly isnt it? I dont know how many times i've heard that you shouldnt listen and not care and blah blah blah, but I guess im still just too sensitive for stuff like that....
I hunted the blog down!
It has returned but it was very strange yesterday when all i got surfing there was 'Page not found' and it didnt come back untill i blogged a silly line yesterday. Wonder if it was bored with lack of interest? Or it might have thought the grass was greener somewhere else. Im glad it changed its mind alas i would have had to start all over with a new blog.

No im not loopy, just bored out of my ickle mind. Its been a non exciting day off. Really wonderfull weather outside but couldnt be bothered to go out. James had a call from work wondering if he could come in as soon as possible and that was at 10. So been all by my lonesome for the rest of the day.

Mind you it could have turned out interesting for James if i hadnt got the clippers working again. I usually cut his hair at home and I had just made one stroke with it and cut a nice little line much shorter then the rest of his mop of hair when i said Ooops! I discovered that the clippers had a crack all along the backside and it was making strange noises. James was a bit worried that i might have to go out and buy a new one to finish off the clipping. And then work phoned for him... It would have been interesting if he had to go there looking like that... :o) But fortunatly for him i taped the clippers steady and it was alright to finish off the trim.

I will have to have a look at more professional clippers. Its the second one in a year breaking down. I suppose i use them quite a lot and i also use it when Rosie wants a trim but really they should last longer. Can i go on a whinge about the quality of electric appliances? Naah, better not, its so boring with whinging people, unless it is myself doing it of course... ;o)

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Trying to find my page since it got lost aparently!

Monday, May 20, 2002

No picnic today, just a very LONG bikeride! And a little stay out by the lake watching the sailingboats struggle with the hard wind. It started to get cloudy and quite windy in the afternoon , not the best of weather to go on a picnic with a portable bbq as we had planned earlier. Never mind, there will be plenty of more chances later on this summer.

James has been out doing his leaflets and then he still wanted to go for a run. Is there no stop to him? He must have had Duracel batteries for lunch today! Hope they just keep going and going as in the add.. long way untill tonight! :o)
What a wonderful morning! Sun is shining from a clearblue sky! I think we are going for a picnic today. But where to go is the question... I have to have a good think where would be nice to go.

I really like holidays. This weekend it is Pingst here in Sweden, some sort of christian thingy, which isnt my strong point in life.. I really dont care what it is about as long as i can have an extended weekend OFF since im not working .. :o)

We went to IKEA yesterday with my mum. She wanted to do something so i suggested we go there to have a peek. I didnt really buy anything interesting because i couldnt find anything that tempted me. We had a bit of a spring/summer clearing out at home as well. Got some of all the things sorted that im going to put away and some that im going to give to charity to sell off. Am going to do some more of that today after the picnic i think. You really do gather so much JUNK it is amazing. Wonder why because i've always thought it was good to have fewer material possessions, but still it seems im like my mum who hordes things like a chipmunk! I really hope that you dont turn into your parents as the saying goes.... :o)

Oooh, James is singing in the kitchen. He is so sweet, he makes me breakfast every morning. I am getting to be so spoiled. But since he doesnt mind doing it i might as well let him to it... Breakfast is apparently done so have to go. And then after that, picnic in the sun!

Friday, May 17, 2002

Its been a really busy week back at work. So by the time i've got home i've been too tired to write anything and then when i feel like blogging a bit i cant get on line with Telia!! It is so annoying that here you have broadband and still you cant surf... hmpf! At least that seems to be fixed now. Maybe they dug a cable in two outside by the road since they are doing roadwork just by my house, widening the cyclepath all the way from the top of the hill to downtown. Lots of hassle to cross the road and all cars are going really slow because the road has shrunk to the size of an english road...Lovely!

Lunch break... :)

Monday, May 13, 2002

Back to work again... And nothings really changed at all. I've been gone for 2 weeks, one week off sick and one weeks vacation in England. Going back to work was not fun. I already felt all stressed out on sunday morning when i woke up thinking it was monday and i had to go to work! What a relief when i discovered it was still just sunday.

Sunday was really a recovery day as far as i thought. We went to see my gran though, she was fine and im going there again tomorrow to help her out with her shopping.

Really not much to tell besides the usuall crap thats going on at work. All the guys went missing at 5 today because they were going to drive some go-cart.. It wasnt very well timed with the busy time at work. But never the less they went and left us 'girlies' to fend for ourselves the best we could. Makes me so mad! You might guess who was the brain behind this great idea.. I am wondering why i still hang on to this work since it is only moving downhill more or less all the time. It didnt used to be like this before. You can clearly make a before and after date to when all this started to happen. Before and after Big Bosses brother.. I generally stop listening when i hear him go out on one of his usuall rants about just about anything to offend people. Or just get them to react. Its really sickening when you think about some of the things he blurts out. Never mind me, im just in a foul mood after todays work.

Saturday, May 11, 2002

What was that?? Its a bird, no its a Superwoman, no its a plane with Tigs getting back to Sweden!
A very hectic week it has been indeed but finally im back in Sweden again. Talk about ironic, England really should be warmer and more summery like but when we stepped out of the plane at Hässlö it was like stepping into a sauna! It was really really WARM! People were walking around in shorts and not even that at times i saw, when driving back home! I averted my eyes just in time but never mind that... ;o)

Friday was really a nice and slow day, a bit of a change from the busy busy days before. We just had a quick tour of the local tourist trap of Lavenham. Its nice with all the crooked houses and small tearooms. It still feels like an old little sleepy village even though the tourists usually take over at the weekends. After that we had a tour of the bigger town Bury St Edmunds. But parts of it was closed off due to the festival starting there today so we never had the chance to see if they had changed the flowers in the Abbey Gardens or listen to any music. Its a shame but i think we will have many more chances of that later on. Just have to plan a bit better next time.

The evening yesterday was very quiet and it gave us a chance to pack all of our stuff as well. James didnt need to sit on the lid while i locked the case, thats a change from before! Bit overweight but they didnt seem to mind at the airport when we checked in... Just lucky us i think because the woman behind the counter looked a bit scary! Today was really just a traveling day. My mum came to collect us so it was easy peasy getting back home. Which is a change from the usuall hassle of getting the bus into Stockholm and then fit a train back home into it all. All that plus carrying very heavy luggage isnt very nice. But this was just a stroll out to mums car and home we went.

I've been unpacking all our stuff and had a bath as well. Got to use some of the nice Lush stuff i bought in London. So now i smell all Divine.. I will have a nice glas of pepsi before settling in front of the telly with our new videotape, Bridget Jones Diary and have a nice evening... :)

Friday, May 10, 2002

This is yesterdays post, due to problems at blogger i couldnt post and publish it last night.

I think my legs are going to fall off. Yesterday we spent the whole day on the move in London and today was shopping in Norwich. Using the tube in London is exellent, when the escalators work that is but when they dont and you have to take the stairs because your to lazy to find the lift i think you get new leg muscles or end up feeling like your leg will fall off! Im surprised my card hasnt melted yet by being used so much. But i got some really nice clothes and some fun things as well, as a rocking Elvis that you stick in your car window. I might give that one to my mum since she likes dangly bits and pieces in her car. Anoys the hell out of me when im borrowing her car but never mind. Besides she likes Elivs so now she can have him there rolling his hips at her..

We found our way to the rendevouz spot with Twinkie in London and i texted him to say we had arrived. And then i was on the look out for someone who looked like a Twinkie. I actually guessed wrong twice before he appeard. But when he did walk around the corner he looked like i thought, just a bit taller then i had imagined. We had lunch at a Pizza Hut and talked a bit. Being bit nervous i think it didnt go that bad and he wasnt as shy and quiet as he said he was so, it was nice! Hopefully he wont think it was too boring and i might lure him over to Sweden to show him our famous hole in the ground. Have to introduce him to Blondie at work as well.. ;o)

Tuesday, May 07, 2002

I've had a distraught James looking at my sitemeter and thinking it was broken because his page had only had 10 visitors and mine had 198.. His face was one of disbelief and then he went to see where everyone was coming from. Apparently im made Weblog of the week at this place. Im not so sure what sort of a place it is, but they have a hilarious picture there about hanging around, take a Snickers.. ;o) My comment: OUCH!

Besides laughing untill I cried at James right now we've had a nice relaxing day in Ipswich with a bit of shopping and just hanging around really. Bought a few clothes and almost got into a fight about James needing new shoes but not trying any out and me calling him a 'tight git' because he didnt want to spend money on shoes. But all that is now forgotten and made up, untill the next time i see a shoestore i want him to go into and have a look.. He at least got a shirt and i got some nice new music and some clothes.

Tomorrow we are going to London! Finaly going to be able to put a person to the name Twinkie. As to what else we are doing its all very vague. Either we go see a West End show if there are any halfprice tickets left or else we'll jump onto one of the sightseeing buses and maybe even go on the river tour included. Its been nice weather and they promise more of it tomorrow. So fingers crossed it will stay nice!

Monday, May 06, 2002

So now i know what a snail race is.... You take one snail per person, put it on a patio slab and the persons snail that crawls off the slab first, wins! Simple isnt it? Very confusing to me, but it was great fun and the commentary was equally fun.. :o)

Meeting James uncle and partner yesterday was interesting and the good ol' sunday dinner was delicious. We even had a match of carpet boule (which i won btw...) and a go at The Really Nasty Horserace game. We didnt do that well in the game, almost had a shot at winning big on our bet that the horse with 55-1 odds would win, but sadly the rules didnt allow a photofinish card to be used once the game had ended. All in all a pleasurable day at home.

Today was the day of the BIG surprise. But the weather is against us so we've had to cancel that one. Instead we are going to see James' grandparents for a while. It will be good fun seeing them again. His grand dad has a computer that he uses for games and the likes and curious as he is he has had a good rumage around in it, maybe to the despair of James and his dad who has to fix it afterwards. But thats what computers are for! For testing and fun. Besides i can sit and giggle while James pulls his hair in trying to fix it even though i might know whats wrong ...

Sunday, May 05, 2002

Weather is turning out to be typical brittish today i think. It was a bit on the cloudy side this morning but then it shifted to sun and blue sky for a while and then it seems it got a change of heart all togheter and now it is going between being really horrible and rainy to being as fair as anything. But more on the windy rainy style tho. I wish it would make up its mind! But im sure that is just too difficult being a big island that England really is. Even though these moodswings of weather it is great to be back here again.

We went to a car boot sale in Woolpit today. It was a bit as i remember it from when i was over in England with my mum many years ago. We visited mums aunt and we had a go at this car boot type of market. I think it must be something very brittish to do. Sure we have something similar to it in Sweden, but not at the same size as these can get and not so regulare. Besides markets are disapearing in Sweden. We have the odd spring and autumn 'market' but thats it really. Right this weekend there is a really fantastic and huge market going on in Rättvik, its about 45 min outside my hometown. But im sure that there are larger ones going on here in England, and that every sunday!

Saturday, May 04, 2002

Finaly got here! The plane trip was ok i guess, besides it being bumpy all the time. It wasnt as bad as i remebered even though James might care to differ since it was his hand i was squashing at takeoff and the main part of the flight. I was all tense and had an ickle headache coming back from the airport. But we have had a nice dinner and some real good laughs from the small presents we bought James parents so am relaxed and feeling better now. So now the busy week can comense. Starting of slighty on the slow side tomorrow when we are getting to meet James uncle and partner for a real ol' sunday dinner and having a snailrace apparently.. Dont ask me, im not brittish!

Friday, May 03, 2002

Im getting to be nervous now. Im going to be on an airplane tomorrow! Wonder how it will be this time. Hopefully i will relax and im definitely taking with me a book to read or at least try to read so I have something distracting my mind from whatever is happening. I’m really looking forward of going over there again. But a bit scary since I’ve been told that we're meeting some of James' relatives that I’ve not met before.

James just went out to run some errands for me since I still have my cold and have to stay at home. I have to start packing soon and have a look at what to take with me. Got to remember Twinkies phone number as well so we can phone and say we're arrived and would he come collect us from Victoria Station. That will be most interesting, to meet him. I have in my head a picture of a totally nutty person with a similar sense of humour as myself and in other ways very much like me. Both of us are shy meeting people 'in real', and add James to that and ... it makes for an interesting meeting however quiet it might turn out...!

We got a really full week ahead if everything turns out like planned. I don’t think we got any day that isn’t packed with things to do and people to meet and..! Doesn’t sound much like a relaxing vacation but its usually like this when we go there so I guess we are used to it. Besides it would be a bit on the dull side if we didn’t plan what to do. The village we're going to isn’t big enough to be interesting for a week. I know from being there the first time ever and James had to work that week. I think I had a lonely-housewife-syndrome coming down on me because there wasn’t much to do. To walk around the village took only 20 minutes or so and you could only do that so many times before getting utterly bored with it. And English daytime tv.. lesser said about it the better!

I will fill you in with what is happening over there when i got time. Im sure there will be something to tell. At least an update on James' attempts to cook for us. His mum asked if he would do some now when we're there and he is hesitant but don’t mind I think. As long as he can come and ask me how to do it or depend on me rescuing him, like I do over here. But I don’t think his mum would appreciate the new wallpainting effect of splatted brown dots all over the cupboards... I know I didn’t.. :o)

Thursday, May 02, 2002

Hmm, i still got a cold and phoned work this morning to say that i wasnt coming in today. The Big Bosses brother answered and sounded very suspicious of what i was telling him. I hate when he does that, Does he really think that i would say im home sick and then in the next second go out to town or whatever 'fun' thing i was going to do besides going to work? Is he really that thick and stupid to think that everyone is lying about why they are home? He is one of those that would go to work even if he had the flu and chirpy say that nothing cant be fixed with a Treo (our equivalent to aspirin) or whatever homeopatic remedy that is in his favour at that moment. His ideal treatment is a bottle (or two) of Kan Jang and loads of aspirins. I wouldnt go if i had the flu, and i wont go when i have a cold that makes you feel all drained and tired and you still got a nasty cough that gives you the most charming whisky voice you've ever heard. It makes me so angry that he doesnt believe me. Last time i had a cold i went back to work too early and got a prolonged cold which needed penicillin to clear up. And i dont need that again especially since me and James are going to England now on Saturday!

James suggested i write in here to ask what sort of clothes we would need to bring and the magic weather fairy would phone up and tell us what to bring. Probably the same fairy that used to wash his clothes and make his dinners no doubt.... ;o)