Friday, January 31, 2003

I've just had a very weird conversation with our (new) casehandler at the immigrants office. Since it was time to renew James' permit we sent in the correct forms early on in november and got the usual paper back confirming they had got the forms and that James was allowed to stay in Sweden while they process it. But we heard nothing from them so today i called to ask what was happening. Because the previous times we have done this it has gone very smoothly and we end up getting the renewal before the time expires on the old one. It seems that this time we had got mixed up with the people applying for the first time. So she had been planning to call us for an interview sometime in march! But i quickly set her straight when i understood what she was going on about because she wasnt the most precis woman i've ever talked to. She had a better look in her papers and came to the same conclusion as me, that it was time for James to get a permanent permit, or a PUT (permanent uppehĺlls tillstĺnd) as they call it. I knew this, because i do read the fineprint in which it says that after 3 years in Sweden you are intitled to a PUT or you have to leave the country, and I was wondering if that was why it was taking so much longer then before.

Anyway, been through this mess of red tape 2 times before i dont expect it to be any more pleasent then the last time when we got this old bat asking ME if we really were a couple and wanting to see the engagement ring i hadnt got yet and so forth. But on wednesday next week we are going to the office in Borlänge to get everything sorted. And after that James will only need to go and get a new stamp in his passport every 3 years, like my mum does since she is an english citizen as well.

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Mood is better now, not so desperate, but still no comments, i really NEED someone to tell me to not panic these days!

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

I need some serious help! I dont know what im going to wear at my wedding!!!!

Sunday, January 26, 2003

We've been scrubbing(me), packing(both), leafleting(james) and dismanteling the bookcase into nuts and bolts(me, james,mum). So it has been a full day, plus everything else i lost a post that i wrote earlier today. I dont know what happend, if i saved it or just lost it because i got busy with doing the kitchen again after having a short break. Anyway, i've managed to look at some dress suggestions so head over to my wedding blog if your interested in such things, otherwise, have a nice night, i know i will now with some nice toast and whatnots! Just the bathroom left to scrub! Yuck.

Friday, January 24, 2003

So now i own 10 percent of the apartment! Would that make the entire little bedroom? Or maybe just the storage space next door. It was very exciting to sign the contract, 8 times i had to do it as well! I will trott off to the bank with their copy on monday and then there is the long wait for february to end so we can move!. Laurel and Hardy from work have promised to help us move. It was very kind of them because i was only kidding when i asked them at the very beginning of this story for help once we were going to move house. But true to their excellent nature they are sticking with that promise.

There's been something bit uneasy happening at work lately. We think that someone is taking stuff home without paying for it. And it is to say the least a TAD delicate since the person in question is one of Big Bosses "favorites". What do you do? How do you approach the boss about your suspicions? And what do you say!? Or do you just leave it for him to figure out? I've seen it twice now. First time we were a couple of people wondering whos bags of grocerys were laying in the ladies dressing room. And when we found out we asked the people who were at the tills if she had payed for the lot. But they said she hadnt... And now it happend again yesterday.... I only got around asking one of the girls about it before i got cold feet and left it at that. Because if im wrong... all hell will break loose and i would hate to be the one with accusations that werent holding up! In the mean time while im making my mind up and talking to a few other people at work im just making notes on when it happens and ask very discretly around if she did pay for them. I hate when this sort of thing happens :o(

Thursday, January 23, 2003

Finaly! We are going to sign the REAL contract for our new apartment tomorrow at 3. Im also going to take a few pictures from the apartment and count how much wallpaper we will be needing for the little bedroom which will be our bedroom. We decided it would be better to have the smaller one as ours and use the big bedroom for guests, computer, gadgets, hobbies, whatever we can think of. E who is selling it to us said we could get entrance to it earlier if we wanted to do some wallpapering before we moved in. She is a very reasonable old lady, a true saint compared to knucklehead in the other apt!

We have almost decided on what paper to put up, well to be honest i've decided and James have said uhm or hum to my suggestions. We will have a patterned one on the wall where our beds headboard is and then a nice simple colored one for the other 3 walls. The floor is white plastic so the colorschemes could be anything really. But i think i'll stick to my favorite one. It is a white background with vines of flowers in cremecolour. They had a very nice variation of that pattern in a dark lilac that i was severly tempted by but i resited knowing i would have got tired of it very soon. Will have to see what i think when we see the apt again tomorrow.
Another success for Salon Tigs. Yes you guessed it, James is all newly shawned. It is quite fun doing his mop of hair. I dont know why it feels so satisfying to shop it all of using a wizard philip shave! But all i can think of is "what if the clippers doesnt work all the way through his hair?" Lottas sister managed to do half her husbands hair before the clippers stopped working so he had to go a whole weekend with half of his hair cut! And to make matters worse he had quite the long hair before he decided to get it cut by her. So everytime i say oopps when cutting James hair he goes "what what, what have you done!?" Because of course i told him about the little episode .... ;o)
It is so fun to be cruel....!

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Im reading a hilarious book right now! Its by a swedish author and has already been made into a film, or is it that the film was made into a book? Anyway it is a FUN book, but also very sad in the end. Yes i've already read it (a cantputitdown type of book!) but i just had to tell you all how good it was! It was a freebie from James' work..... Isnt that just excellent? A bookworm like me getting NEW FREE BOOKS on a regulare basis?? ;o))

Monday, January 20, 2003

YaY to Kopparstaden!
We get to move out already 1st of march! So we dont need to pay double rent AT ALL! That was a big load off my chest i'll tell you! Now all i have to worry about is packing packing and some more packing and not to forget, cleaning!
Got to dash, work is calling!!

In a couple of minutes im going to go down to the office and leave my notice on this apartment in, again. But im going to try and get a deal done with them so i can move out earlier and Jeanette move in as soon as possible. Jeanette is from work and she got to know from Lotta that i was going to move out of my one room and kitchen soon. Hopefully we can strike up a deal with Kopparstaden so we dont need to pay double rent for more then one month. Usually i think they are quite alright about doing deals as long as they get new tenants in quickly to pay the rent. But you never know, it all depends on who you get to talk to i suppose. It would be ideal if we move out 1 march and Kopparstaden came and did the bathroom up here, as they had planned when i was moving last time, and Jeanette can move in 1st april. That would mean just one extra month to pay for us. Which would be a relife since we are going to pay for the wedding and all soon. I almost had a nervous breakdown when we started to count what everything costs and such! But it will work out alright, just have to think once or twice on what you want.

Sunday, January 19, 2003

There was a bit of a drama at work today. We had a store detective working today and she spotted this gang of russians who has made it a living going round the shops lifting stuff and then taking it back home to Russia to sell for hard cold cash. Anyway the detective called the police to ask for assistance when she was going to aprehend the persons, but they said they had no car to send, so insted of risking it to get ugly all staff available went around keeping all eyes on them untill they noticed they had been spotted. One of them went out very quickly and he moved the car to across the street, we got the licensnumber. And then it was just a matter of waiting untill the other guy went out. But he didnt go before trying to scare us into leaving him alone by staring at Vera following him. It didnt really work, Vera got a giggle attack when she saw him bulging his eyes at her so she had to go behind a shelf before exploding in laughter. I think it was then that he realized we werent going to let him go out with the stuff he had picked up. So he offloaded various items(razorblades,chewing gum by the boxes) around the shop, closely followed by us, before he went out. At times talking on the mobile to his partner in crime asking what to do i suspect. The shopdetective was disappointed and a bit miffed at us for crowding him so much but i rather have it that way and he leaves without anything then him fighting his way out with the detective.

Saturday, January 18, 2003

For you swedish people who occasionally read my swedish blog, i've put it to sleep. It wasnt going anywhere so i thought i might as well end its miserable existens.... :)

Friday, January 17, 2003

For Your Information I have decided to start another blog, its just a temporary one that will expire on the 31st of May this year, since that is when im getting married to this crazy person. I will try to get comments working in there as well since i really like to get feedback from friends and James' mum.

And also it is somewhere i can rant on and on about flowers, dresses, invitations and other importent stuff like that... ;o)
I like to keep the few readers i have you know, so cant go on and on and tire them out with everything that seems oh so importent at that moment but really is what color goes were...
So at last, im back on my feet again and not feeling all wobbly on them for once. I went back to work yesterday already but i wasnt in any fit state to blog yesterday. That my 11 hour nap can vouch for! Going back yesterday was a mistake but one i always get pushed into doing since i dont want the boss to frown upon me being away from work. But to my surprise i couldnt care less to what he had to say or rather he didnt say, of course, you always asume he will come down on you for being off a lot but then when you think he is about to go off on one of his rants he tells you that Mr T has quit, just like that. Apparently Mr T came in on monday as usuall and then left after an hour to go to his new job! No 4 weeks notice no nothing just up and went, pfffft. If that would be one of us trying that stunt it would turn REALLY ugly.

Oh well never mind that, the new one in charge is going to be Ulrika. She has done a bit in the fruit and veggie section earlier but she really has education for being in the meatcutting where she is right now. But i guessed he had to swop people around after Big Brother quit because it was getting very overcrowded in there. Am i surprise to be overlooked again? No not really, i know my boss will never give it to me anyway. I've been to ill, too poorly with my shoulders, back, you name it, to get anything mildly importent or interesting to do in the shop. Its just another push for me to go and look elsewhere for work. Trouble is i dont know what i would like to do besides this. Im 30, i should have a vague idea about it shouldnt i? But no i just dont know what i want to do when i 'grow up'...
I'll tell you all straight away, DO NOT try out the winter vomiting illness. It is WORSE then they say. Trust me on this one people....

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Blog on hold due to illness. Normal service will resume shortly....hopefully

Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Currently listening to David Gray - White Ladder

Just so you know... :)
We are all set for the next few months of excitment to begin then. First we have to go to the bank today and get the deposit for when we are signing the contract for our new home on monday and set a date for when we want the loan payed out. Then we have to go and sign the papers on monday... Next we have to go and leave our notice on this apartment, again. Then we have roughly 5 weeks to run around and make up plans and pack and get organized and clean and EVERYTHING before we can move into the new apartment on the 27th of february! Anyone care to come over and help us move??

Well the fun will begin with us (me) chosing the new wallpaper in the bedroom and maybe a new color to the kitchen wall. Also we have to contemplate if we are going to put down some wooden flooring in the kitchen straight away or if we will wait a while. It would i suppose be better to do it before we move our furniture in and save us the hassle of moving everything out again when we decide that we do want to redo it anyway, doesnt is. Oh well, plans can be made and unmade into the endless nights before we (me) make our minds up. So beware readers, this blog is turning into your own Home Improvement show versus Changing Rooms! But hold the mdf..... ;oP

Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Oh, btw, Happy New Year too all!

It was a bit of a sudden new year yesterday night, we were watching some program on the telly when the neighbours dressed up as scotsmen(fake red hair and tartan looking shorts?) came running through the backgarden to set up their fireworks and quite distracted us from the fact that it was almost 12 o'clock! And no the neighbours didnt burn down their house, the buggers left the chests of fireworks out in the field and lit them there. They were very sparkly and loud. We cheered in a bit of bubbly and James' parents went over to next doors for a quick drink while me and James stood and watched the fireworks display instead in the safety of the livingroom.
What a game!!!
Ipswich - Millwall 4-1.
I was there, i saws it with my own eyes, and it was actually FUN, EXCITING and and and... GRRRRRRR!

Yes i know, it is me, who didnt CARE about football before. I still dont live and breath football like some other people i know ...., i have no idea really. It just was an exellent game to go to as a first. I mean how can you say it is boring after this, the roaring crowd, the singing fans, the quite good football played, even I jumped up and down when Ipswich scored their second goal after Millwalls equalizing goal in the second half!!