Friday, January 24, 2003

So now i own 10 percent of the apartment! Would that make the entire little bedroom? Or maybe just the storage space next door. It was very exciting to sign the contract, 8 times i had to do it as well! I will trott off to the bank with their copy on monday and then there is the long wait for february to end so we can move!. Laurel and Hardy from work have promised to help us move. It was very kind of them because i was only kidding when i asked them at the very beginning of this story for help once we were going to move house. But true to their excellent nature they are sticking with that promise.

There's been something bit uneasy happening at work lately. We think that someone is taking stuff home without paying for it. And it is to say the least a TAD delicate since the person in question is one of Big Bosses "favorites". What do you do? How do you approach the boss about your suspicions? And what do you say!? Or do you just leave it for him to figure out? I've seen it twice now. First time we were a couple of people wondering whos bags of grocerys were laying in the ladies dressing room. And when we found out we asked the people who were at the tills if she had payed for the lot. But they said she hadnt... And now it happend again yesterday.... I only got around asking one of the girls about it before i got cold feet and left it at that. Because if im wrong... all hell will break loose and i would hate to be the one with accusations that werent holding up! In the mean time while im making my mind up and talking to a few other people at work im just making notes on when it happens and ask very discretly around if she did pay for them. I hate when this sort of thing happens :o(

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