Monday, January 20, 2003

In a couple of minutes im going to go down to the office and leave my notice on this apartment in, again. But im going to try and get a deal done with them so i can move out earlier and Jeanette move in as soon as possible. Jeanette is from work and she got to know from Lotta that i was going to move out of my one room and kitchen soon. Hopefully we can strike up a deal with Kopparstaden so we dont need to pay double rent for more then one month. Usually i think they are quite alright about doing deals as long as they get new tenants in quickly to pay the rent. But you never know, it all depends on who you get to talk to i suppose. It would be ideal if we move out 1 march and Kopparstaden came and did the bathroom up here, as they had planned when i was moving last time, and Jeanette can move in 1st april. That would mean just one extra month to pay for us. Which would be a relife since we are going to pay for the wedding and all soon. I almost had a nervous breakdown when we started to count what everything costs and such! But it will work out alright, just have to think once or twice on what you want.

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