Tuesday, December 23, 2003

My sister and her bf are coming to stay with us for the holiday and i have to get busy with cleaning and sorting out the guestroom. I think blogging will be scarce during their stay and we are going to fly to England on sunday so it will be a wee bit hectic. I'll catch up with you all once we are settled again after christmas. I'll leave you with a picture of our lovely tree and a wish for a lovely silly season ;)

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Saturday, December 20, 2003

At last I might be making some progress to get better from this flu thing. I went back to work on thursday though, big mistake. I went to work yesterday as well but came home after a couple of hours and am now on sickleave until tuesday if I feel like I need it. I always go back too early! I think it must be my mum making an imprint in me when I was younger that you shouldn't be home sick, oh no, you should go back to school/work as soon as you can. But it doesn't work with me. I just get relapses and end up sick again :(

The coughing haven't stopped and my nose is still like a tap flowing with water. But at least I don't have a fever (knock on wood) anymore. The really silly thing is I feel awful for being at home. I got a guilty conscience about it! But that must be because I feel better when not doing so much and just relaxing, it helps my coughing as well. But when I'm at work I cough like an idiot because I'm doing stuff so it is a battle between feeling like your skipping work just because or getting your health back by doing light stuff at home. I'm dreading to tell my mum I'm home again, I can just hear her voice crackle in my head with all sorts of comments. Oh well, its the time to be jolly, so lets forget about that and be merry! Im sure a little glas of something strong will aid me in that ;)

Saturday, December 13, 2003

Don't you just hate having a cold? Well I managed to get the flu on tuesday and am not best pleased! It is horrid enough to get an ordinary cold, but a flu? Yuck, I'd forgotten just how fuzzy headed you get from having a fever. And it doesn't make things any better that James got it a couple of days after me either. Now when I'm rid of the fever and perky enough to want to do stuff I feel too weak and sweaty just moving from the sofa to the kitchen to get something to drink. And everything in my mind is churning, its only 11 days left until Christmas and I've not finished my shopping yet! Or got a tree yet... Me, who every year solemnly swear not to get stressed at Christmas has wound myself up so tight I'm starting to panic a bit at the sight of the days just slipping by in a feverish haze! And it had to happen just this year as well when my sister and her bf can come to Christmas because they found someone willing to work for them over Christmas and they want to stay at our place! Me who wanted to get everything nice and settled for our first Christmas here and now I'm feeling more and more the urge to scream BAH HUMBUG to anyone cooing about Christmas and oh how wonderful it will be! I just have a big lump in my stomach and am not relaxed at all.

Saturday, December 06, 2003

It's an amazing morning considering we have had the worst grey weather for over a month! It is blowing hard outside and the sun is rising to almost a blue sky. It has a white haze to it but i am sure the sun will shine today between the gusts of snow! There were storm winds yesterday night that made the windows rattle and the dry snow that fell to fly around making it look like a blizzard at times outside. Im sure it is colder as well, it looks like it.

We are heading into the center of town in a bit to purchase hall furniture from the Elephant shop (Indiska). We are walking it and im worried because i dont own a hat and my hood wont be any use outside in this wind! I will have to borrow one of James' hats. I hope we will make it back in time, im working this weekend as well so cant stay too long shopping!

Thursday, December 04, 2003

Sorry for the lack of posts, but we've been busy with christmas preparations! We went christmas shopping on tuesday and yesterday i went hunting for spruce twigs to use when decorating our balcony rail. I ended up in the forrest by Källviksbacken cutting some with my mum. I also picked a bit of green moss to decorate our Noel candlestick. When i got home i happily got on with decorating the rail and finished off the whole big garland with some small fairylights. They dont twinkle but shine ever so nice in the green twigs.

By the time i was finished outside James had got home from work and we started to do a bit of cleaning up and decorating inside. I sewed some new christmas curtains since i didnt find any nice new ones, my old ones were sadly too short for our new windows. Just a note, what tacky christmas curtains there are for sale this year! And huge screaming patterns to them as well. I gave up looking for some already made up ones after seeing all that there is in ickle Falun and found a nice dark red material instead. They really are bedsheets but now converted into plain curtains with home made golden tiebacks and looking a lot more expensive then they really were. Im glad i can sew stuff myself at times like these. Or otherwise we would have silver goats on a red backround with giant purple hearts with black and golden lines mished into them hanging in the windows....

Today is baking day. Im blogging a bit while im waiting for my saffron bun dough to rise.

Saffron buns are traditional food for christmas here in Sweden. I like them a lot and they are fun to make as well. You can make them into many different shapes but i like the sunbread shape, lots of S's laid on top of each other to make a circle. Will take some pictures for you later.