Thursday, December 04, 2003

Sorry for the lack of posts, but we've been busy with christmas preparations! We went christmas shopping on tuesday and yesterday i went hunting for spruce twigs to use when decorating our balcony rail. I ended up in the forrest by Källviksbacken cutting some with my mum. I also picked a bit of green moss to decorate our Noel candlestick. When i got home i happily got on with decorating the rail and finished off the whole big garland with some small fairylights. They dont twinkle but shine ever so nice in the green twigs.

By the time i was finished outside James had got home from work and we started to do a bit of cleaning up and decorating inside. I sewed some new christmas curtains since i didnt find any nice new ones, my old ones were sadly too short for our new windows. Just a note, what tacky christmas curtains there are for sale this year! And huge screaming patterns to them as well. I gave up looking for some already made up ones after seeing all that there is in ickle Falun and found a nice dark red material instead. They really are bedsheets but now converted into plain curtains with home made golden tiebacks and looking a lot more expensive then they really were. Im glad i can sew stuff myself at times like these. Or otherwise we would have silver goats on a red backround with giant purple hearts with black and golden lines mished into them hanging in the windows....

Today is baking day. Im blogging a bit while im waiting for my saffron bun dough to rise.

Saffron buns are traditional food for christmas here in Sweden. I like them a lot and they are fun to make as well. You can make them into many different shapes but i like the sunbread shape, lots of S's laid on top of each other to make a circle. Will take some pictures for you later.

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