Thursday, August 28, 2003

This is what i have been doing today...

It might not look much, but it is a pain in the butt getting the red paint off! There's still some left to do on one of the doors and on the sides and the small woodwork around the top and bottom. But it is getting there slowly. Trouble is, the stuff you use to strip the paint off dont work if it gets to be colder then +10 and it is getting to be COLDER then +10 and it is only the end of august still! It has snowed in the north of Dalarna for christs sake! And no you cant be indoors because the stuff STINKS, im guessing i'd have no braincells left if we would do it inside. It is sitting in Lottas garage right now and she is helping me.

Anyway, im home from work this week due to that i've strained my muscles under my left ribs sometime 2 weeks ago and it has only been getting worse. I booked a time with the company healthcarecenter for wednesday and the kind doctor told me what was wrong and that i should be off untill next monday. I didnt say much more then thank you and would you give me a sicknote so my boss believes me? Thing is, im fine as long as i remember not to lift anything heavy or do anything at all too heavy. So scraping some smelly gelly from a cupboard has suited me fine. Because i couldnt just sit inside and stare at these 4 walls or else i really would have gone mad.

Monday, August 25, 2003

We've been to yet another auction yesterday. And came home with a very nice cupboard.... James wasnt impressed though when i first said i wouldnt go higher then 1500 kr, but ended up at 2000 kr for it. But it is very nice and i would have got it cheaper if the other couple wasnt intrested as well because it was just us and them that were bidding. But somehow i dont think that they would have let it go for under 1000 kr... I'll try and publish a picture of it before we start anything with it

Its colour is a bit flaky but Lotta is going to help me get rid of it. But now i dont know how that will happen. I went home earlier today because my left side has been aching. Ok if it was my back, as usuall, but not this. Its sticking right in the side and pinches me with pain when i've been at the till too long. Or when i try to lift something heavy. I went to the local healthcenter on friday but the doc didnt know what it could be more then that i'd maybe knocked it or strained myself somehow. But i sure as heck cant remember doing that. So am going to the company healthcare center tomorrow if i can get a time to see if they can get to grips with what it is, since it has been sticking at it for at least 2 weeks now but got worse last wednesday. Also i need a paper from there saying yes Maria is in pain and cant go to work. My boss has become quite the stickler with those sort of things lately... But whenever wasnt he when it came to health isssues in his staff. Preferably we should work untill we drop then quit and move on so he can hire some new fresh staff and not be stuck with the over worked, stressed out, run down people he apparently thinks he got now... Oh yes, I like my boss...NOT

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Yesterdays dinner with the girls went down very well. I was a bit tired and it was quite loud in the restuarant but it was fun. Hopefully we can all keep in touch via a new blog im putting up. It will be open to all who has ever worked in our shop and want to keep in touch. Some have moved abroad and some have quit to study. Hopefully it will be interesting to the others and that they will sign up. Right now it is only me in there, but that might be because i started it yesterday... ;o)

Lately i have been getting more and more interested in Feng Shui... I promise i wont become a nut about it but does anyone know of good places to look in the internet or any books?

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

I know i've been absent lately from bloggin about my life. But i really havent had any energy to write and when i've sat down to put at least a few lines in i give up after a couple of minutes thinking i have nothing to say. But now im going to try and write a bit each day.

Today has felt like one big run-around. In the last couple of days both my bike and James' have been poorly and not been able to keep the air in the tires. Somehow i felt it was a conspiricy when it was both in the rear tire which is most difficult to take off and put back due to all the gears and hooks and thingymagics that is attached to it. Of course James' went fine to change and fix the hole in. But when it came to mine that has fewer gears it all mucked up and the gearbit fell off! Its not supposed to do that i found out today when i had to bike( on first gear all the way since that was the only one working!!) to the bicycleshop to get it fixed by the nice man working there. It was, to say the least, funny to bike there, no matter how much i pedaled i could JUST get up to speed so i could pass people walking! Bit embarrasing as well i might add....

Anyway the nice chappy took my bike between the jobs he had since i pleaded with him i biked all the way from the other side of town to get there. I told him it was probably me that messed everything up when removing the wheel but he assured me he'd seen worse when people try to fix it themselves.... He showed me how to unhook the gearline so i knew how to do it the next time, it looked fiddly but a great deal better then the way i had done it. After the visit to the bike doctor i went up the hill to go have a peek at a new shop that has opend. It is a new low price chain that has opened up here in Falun. It was full of people doing their best to clog up the aisles just standing talking to people they knew instead of moving to one side so other shoppers could get around. I shopped a bit and stood in line for the tills for about 30 minutes to get out. Bit crazy i know but when you can do bargains why not.

After that it was off to my gran for the usuall shopping and going to the bank day. She is getting on a bit now and has taken more and more to lay in bed. But she seemed perky when i came and she was up and about for the while i was there.

And now im cooking lunch waiting for James to get back from work. Later on this evening im going out for a dinner with some girls from work since there is 3 who are going to leave this week. Wonder how late that will get.

Monday, August 18, 2003

I think a picture says more then words sometimes. This one just sums up very nicely how i think this summer has been.

Saturday, August 16, 2003

I bow to the precens of genius...... Maybe not a Fucking Genius as some but still. He is well on his way of becoming one in my eyes because he fixed our computer! Thank Gods i married him... ;o)

Friday, August 15, 2003

I hate viruses!
The last couple of days we have been battling msblast and the patches doesnt stick or dont install! How frustrating isnt that? Plus the cleanup tool didnt work or else we got a new msblast once we thought everything was sorted. Anyway, the update page is down so cant get the patch from there, the automatic update says we have the patch installed already, but why did we get another worm today? When trying to clean up it still sits in windows\prefetch as a pf file and i dont have a clue how to get rid of it, james wants to delete it manually but im a bit hesitant, what if it creates havoc, im not doing the reformat! Anyway, i've cleaned it up as best i can with the help i've got online and have installed a firewall.