Monday, August 25, 2003

We've been to yet another auction yesterday. And came home with a very nice cupboard.... James wasnt impressed though when i first said i wouldnt go higher then 1500 kr, but ended up at 2000 kr for it. But it is very nice and i would have got it cheaper if the other couple wasnt intrested as well because it was just us and them that were bidding. But somehow i dont think that they would have let it go for under 1000 kr... I'll try and publish a picture of it before we start anything with it

Its colour is a bit flaky but Lotta is going to help me get rid of it. But now i dont know how that will happen. I went home earlier today because my left side has been aching. Ok if it was my back, as usuall, but not this. Its sticking right in the side and pinches me with pain when i've been at the till too long. Or when i try to lift something heavy. I went to the local healthcenter on friday but the doc didnt know what it could be more then that i'd maybe knocked it or strained myself somehow. But i sure as heck cant remember doing that. So am going to the company healthcare center tomorrow if i can get a time to see if they can get to grips with what it is, since it has been sticking at it for at least 2 weeks now but got worse last wednesday. Also i need a paper from there saying yes Maria is in pain and cant go to work. My boss has become quite the stickler with those sort of things lately... But whenever wasnt he when it came to health isssues in his staff. Preferably we should work untill we drop then quit and move on so he can hire some new fresh staff and not be stuck with the over worked, stressed out, run down people he apparently thinks he got now... Oh yes, I like my boss...NOT

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