Thursday, November 25, 2004

We've been to look at this house this morning. It was very welcoming and had a warm feeling about it, my gut feeling was good if you know what I mean. Its slightly bigger then our apartment but it has a complete downstairs with a big room and two smaller ones plus you got your laundry room in there as well.The basement had a fresh smell to it, not a moldy kind of smell some houses have, but the windows are so small. Theirs only one bathroom though and it would need redoing with putting in a new bathroom suite and re-tiling. The kitchen was old but not in a bad state, just maybe a new coat of paint on the cupboard doors. A great plus was that all the appliances were new-ish, a couple of years old only. There is a cold conservatory attached to it, you access it from the kitchen. Possibly you could remake it into a warm one and voila you'd have an extra room or you could extend the house that way and gain some more space for the kitchen/lounge area. It would create a very nice sheltered outside veranda between the extension and the garage. Some painting of the wood details outside are needed but other then that we couldn't spot much on our first visit. The more I think about it the more I like it and that's a first with a house!

The garden was excellent, the main bulk of it was facing south and was at the back. There were at least 3 apple trees, a long line of raspberry bushes along the back fence and 4 currant bushes. Some medium size trees and a roseborder along the conservatory. Plenty of room for some vegetable patches and there is a little birds pond apparently even though it was covered with snow now I think it is seen in the pictures.

We have to have a serious think about this one. Only thing is there is a 'do it upper' house for sale as well in the same area, just across the street really, for a lot lesser money. We are going to have a look at that one as well. The real estate woman said there is a couple who are interested in the 'Rose cottage' (the nice one is located at Rose Street) and was going to talk to their bank about a loan but the couple were also going to look at this other house 'The Thistle' (since the road is called Thistle Road). Going to discuss this with Jamie when we are on our way to IKEA tomorrow. That is if we're not going to get another half snow blizzard! Then we're not going anywhere, because if it snows here in Falun it is much worse up over the mountains on the road to Gävle. Keep your fingers crossed there is no snow, I want to go to IKEA!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Note to self; when going to the gym, don't walk there AND back home again. I am completely exhausted but feeling quite alright otherwise. But we will see tomorrow morning if I'll be able to get out bed, even with the stretching I think I might be quite sore. This time was a test run to see if I wanted to do some more and I do so I signed up for a year. My boss will pay half of the cost which is very generous of him but also a way for him to make sure we use the card as intended and not just go a few times and let it slide.

Its been snowing here a bit more and they are predicting more for the weekend. So it might be true that winter has come at last. Usually when it has snowed and everything is nice and frosty white I get into the Christmas spirit and go about making everything all warm and fuzzy and indulge in some gift shopping and getting everything sorted well before the last week so I don't need to rush around like a chicken without a head along other late shoppers. But this year it almost feels like I could say Bahh Humbug to it all. My mum is pulling her hair out because she don't know what I would like for Christmas and she is seriously concerned that I don't KNOW. But I don't WANT anything and why do you always need to want something for Christmas, there are loads of people much worse off then me that could need some cheering up for Christmas. I am quite happy as I am, I got a lovely husband who will no doubt surprise me no end with his unusual and different gifts for Christmas, we got ourselves a nice place to live, even though we are looking for a house. I have all the gadgets that I need and don't need and the bookshelves are bursting with books from the last book sale still to be read. I think Eleanor got the right idea about having a different Christmas, not getting caught in the consumer web of shop 'till you drop mentality, but, its nice to receive gifts and I don't think my family is ready for a totally different way of celebrating Christmas. Perhaps in the future, but not now. I'm sure I'll make a list, but it will be short and I think mainly consist of music and movie wants. You just cant have enough of books me thinks!
I'm about to do something very unusual for me. I'm going to a gym! Voluntarily! No one dragging me kicking and screaming. I must be sick.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

We've had a busy weekend with my sister and her bf staying at our place. We had some fun and it all went too quickly but it seems they might be able to come up for Christmas this year as well and have already asked if it is alright for them to stay here then as well. Which it is of course. Somehow it makes things a bit smoother that they stay here then at either mums place or Hasses parents place. Not that there weren't hurt feelings from my mum when my sister asked if they could stay here but even if you try your bestest someone will always feel neglected. Anyway, that seems to be sorted for this time around. Makes you look forward for the Christmas visit doesn't it? Sigh

It seems they are predicting heavy snow for tomorrow. It certainly has taken a turn to the colder up here with fierce cold winds yesterday and a distinct smell of snow in the air, so it is a coming that's for sure! I'll post some pictures of the snow if and when it comes. I like blizzards.. :)

Our house hunting is at a stand still right now. There are lots of nice-ish places but only trouble is they are so far away. The more convenient and closer ones are so high priced at the starting price we stand no chance if there would be bidding for it, which there always is now a days apparently. There is this little farm house with potential but it is in Säter, which would be alright for Jamie since he would commute the same distance as he does today but for me it would be too far. I suppose we will just have to keep on looking.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Yay blessed be the Gods!
James my elusive husband is blogging again, well sorts of and he is at this location right now. Go and read and give him a pat on the head for finally making an appearance

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

It's a grey day. But it is my day off! And now when there's been a change of plans I really don't know what to do with myself.

I've tidied away all the washing, fed the birds outside, fed the fishes inside and did the dishes and its still only 10.30. I am leaning towards going for a walk into town and do a bit of Christmas shopping, or at least have a look around to see if I find anything to buy! At least we have to buy another 'Need for Speed Underground' game because the one we bought intending to give to Hasse James has totally taken over. He was supposed to 'testdrive' it but since Saturday he has been playing it every evening. Tut tut.. Well I admit, I've tested it as well and it is fun!

Any ideas what you could buy for someone who has everything (ie my mum)? And to my sister who has a birthday coming up in December. BTW they are coming here next week for a short stop over the weekend. They will be sleeping here so that is something I'm looking forward to. Hopefully they can come up for Christmas but its not looking great.

I'm so bored I think I'm going to write some Christmas cards already! Yes I know, I'm nuts...