Wednesday, November 17, 2004

We've had a busy weekend with my sister and her bf staying at our place. We had some fun and it all went too quickly but it seems they might be able to come up for Christmas this year as well and have already asked if it is alright for them to stay here then as well. Which it is of course. Somehow it makes things a bit smoother that they stay here then at either mums place or Hasses parents place. Not that there weren't hurt feelings from my mum when my sister asked if they could stay here but even if you try your bestest someone will always feel neglected. Anyway, that seems to be sorted for this time around. Makes you look forward for the Christmas visit doesn't it? Sigh

It seems they are predicting heavy snow for tomorrow. It certainly has taken a turn to the colder up here with fierce cold winds yesterday and a distinct smell of snow in the air, so it is a coming that's for sure! I'll post some pictures of the snow if and when it comes. I like blizzards.. :)

Our house hunting is at a stand still right now. There are lots of nice-ish places but only trouble is they are so far away. The more convenient and closer ones are so high priced at the starting price we stand no chance if there would be bidding for it, which there always is now a days apparently. There is this little farm house with potential but it is in S├Ąter, which would be alright for Jamie since he would commute the same distance as he does today but for me it would be too far. I suppose we will just have to keep on looking.

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