Sunday, March 31, 2002

Bit later....

I got let off early at work today. It was very quiet in the shop so i took the opportunity to finish early. It is fun working in a supermarket but i value my free time much more... Is that a bad thing? I dont think so. I work mainly so i can have some money to do other stuff. I dont really understand people that live for their work. But i suppose if you really had an interesting job you would get consumed by it and live it every day of the year.
I hate the day when they change the time around. I always feel cheated in spring because i cant sleep as long as i want to. Even more so since i have to work today. But in a way it is something to look forward to, being deprived of so much daylight during the long winter it feels like an extra boost to get one hour "extra" today. And a sunny day it is as well.

My bf James always thinks we are so strange ,swedes that is, when we line up along a nice warm wall and just enjoy the sunlight on our breaks or lunches or whenever we have a bit of time over in the hussle and bussle of daily life in springtime. But being here for 2 winters now i think he understands why we do it. So much complaining he has done about the snow not disappearing i've never heard before! He says it is because its preventing him to do his runs, but i dont think so.. He is just english in that he only want snow in december and possibly a few days in january.

I wonder if i can fool him twice tomorrow, april fools is a wonderful day if you can keep a straight face .... ;o)

Saturday, March 30, 2002

So here I am. Dragged into this kicking and screaming by my bf who already has a blog.. (not really since i got interested in this when i was editing his typos..) It seems a great idea to me to have online journals. And since we have been having troubles with my computer this is a good way for me to keep in touch with friends. If the dear old box of sparks and plugs decides to totaly short-circuit i can always go to my friend and borrow her computer for a new entry and check my emails.

Bear with me in the start. I will have a good roam around in the lists and options and all that stuff and my posts might be a bit on the short side, but i will get back in here to tell you things about my life with an Englishman, running maniac and future husband and ickle stories about working in a supermarket . You wouldnt believe what goes on behind the scenes in something that looks so mondane.. Tell you ALL later on...