Saturday, October 19, 2013

First snow

We had a little little snow on Thursday night but it melted away. It is again sunny and clear but the difference now it is cold, just above 0 during the day and cold at night. All leaves have dropped from our apple trees so I was outside raking them up yesterday, lapping up some of that lovely sunshine. We've had a very dry autumn so far, am not complaining, just a bit weird not to have the rain and wind for days on row. But maybe we will get that with a vengeance in November.

In quilty news I have finished sewing the wedding top for Jamie's sister together and it is now laying on the lounge floor being pinned for quilting. It was JUST (by 4 inches...) to big to go on my frame so will have to quilt it differently then I had planned since I don't really trust my Janome to do a good job out of it when FMQ without the frame. I see more of quilting in the ditch and straight lines rather then the swirls I had thought as an all over design.

I just re read my UFO post... Well I can say I have kept to it. But not many UFOs have been done in the time I have been not doing anything new.... Maybe after the wedding quilt is done I will get to it and sort them out after how little there is left to do before they are done. Got to finish them off!