Friday, November 02, 2012

Eire, fair and green

Oh it was lovely to be back in Dublin and Ireland. James did very well in his marathon, he improved his running time so much it was unbelievable! From running London Marathon in 2005 in 4.42 he now ran Dublin marathon in 3.17!! So very proud of him and it seems he is no worse for wear after it either managing to walk properly already...

Mary came to meet us and it was so nice to see her again. She hunted us down and made the journey back to the hotel so much better giving us a lift, I think Jamie was very thankful even though he said he didn't mind walking it back after the race. We spent a few days at Mary's, loving the views on our car tours and even managing to take a few pictures at Kinnity Castle and the surrounding forest. Even got the house building bug back again from seeing Mary's lovely new house that they added on to an old cottage.

Posting a few pictures from our trip

And finally one of Jamie that I managed to take before he had passed me!

My hero looking fresh at 10 miles.