Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Saturday, April 27, 2002

It is a full moon tonight. It looked all glossy with a haze around it. It was hanging very low when we were biking back from work. James usually tries to come meet me when I finish at work so I dont need to bike home alone. Its very comforting to know that you have someone looking out for you like that. Especially when it was darker in the evenings. Now when it is getting to be lighter its not that bad going home at nine by yourself.

He is in bed right now, James that is. Very tired and very sleepy but im sure he isnt sleeping yet because im tapping away here, trying to be quiet but still... But it was he who sent me out of bed because I was too restless to sleep and I was tossing and turning a bit and wanted to have a bit of a talk, but he needs his sleep tonight. Poor him, he is going to a stock take at the shop tomorrow. My boss asked if he was able to come as usuall to help out and he said yes. Only trouble is that he has to get up at 5.30 tomorrow.... As you might have understood he has been moaning quite a lot about it tonight. Im just smirking because I can sleep and he could have done as well, if he would have said no to Big Boss. But, James being a bit too nice sometimes, said yes when i told him my boss had asked me. Well, he gets a bit of money for doing it so it might not feel to bad for him after all.. ;o)

Work was very very busy today. And I think it is starting to catch up with me as well now. So it is off to bed soon for me as well. Got to have my sleep if im going to be able to work all weekend. I really do hate working every other weekend. It would have been a lot better if it would have been every third or something like that. And I dont like it in particulare when it is crazy week i.e when people have got paid. It is like they have to spend it all, at once, when they get paid. And in our shop as well. It is lovely for business im sure, but I still want to have a moan about it because it is too much sometimes. I must be getting old!

Thursday, April 25, 2002

Another day closer to the England trip. I am not so nervous right now. Maybe I will be ok this time, or maybe not..
James is working late today, again. The only good thing about this is that he can bring back some new books once in a while when management looks the other way. Apparently everyone does it, and it seems alright as long as you dont take big heaps of books, so he started to do the same this week by bringing me Jonas Gardells new book, Ett ufo gör entre. That one I read from cover to cover in 1˝ days since I thought it was good and compelling. Now he has brought me a book by John le Carre, The Constant Gardener. A thriller - murder story from what i can tell by reading the summary of it. Havent started it yet but I might do that tonight when i've come back from the hairdresser.

I feel a bit cheated about it being spring. It is around +20 outside and people are walking in shorts and tshirts, thats not spring, thats summer! I like spring, I like it slowly getting warmer and the odd snowfall in strange times, and that the days are getting longer and longer, but now it seems more like summer already, right now. And its not even Valborg! It must have something to do with global warming. Because from what I can remember when i was younger we still had snow and ice on the lake at the end of april. But now the trees has shifted to green almost over night. Its still very faint green, but a couple of more days like this and it will be the very intense green you get in the start of summer. Im surprised i havent felt more of my pollen allergy. Maybe it isnt so bad this year even though the newspapers are talking about a pollen explosion...

Did you know that they use the same word , sultana, for the raisin and the wife of a sultan? I would hate being called a dried up grape if i had married a rich sultan... ;o)

Wednesday, April 24, 2002

I have just battled with my taxreport! And now im whinging about swedish taxes and that i wont have any money left since i have to pay a LOT in extra taxes because i sold off some silly old, dusty shares last year....
Nevermind me, i still have the money i got for them, but they are now put away for the wedding so I will have to take a trip down to the bank and shift them around a bit so i can pay this before 3rd of may. Doesnt it just hurt paying the goverment your hard earned money?
James is working late evening again, so im stuck on my own for the evening. It is a bit lonely but im sure that Rosie will pop in at some point and have a few rants about how, what, when, if etc about there being or not being a relationship to rescue when her bf has had a bit of time "to think things over". Poor Rosie though, she is confused and so it seems is her diplomatic bf. He is a local politician and is frequently in the local news paper with different issues. I dont mind Rosie coming over, its not that. But it would be nice to talk about something else now. Its been doom and gloom for the last few days, and it is starting to show on my patience.

Tuesday, April 23, 2002

I must be mad.
We went biking this sunday to visit Lotta from work and James said it was 27 km there and back! No wonder i was feeling very tired on sunday evening. But i still have to admit im kinda chuffed my legs werent as tired as James ... He complained all monday about it.

Today at work it didnt happen anything interesting. How boring! Only good thing is that we got to buy flowers. I think we went a bit over the top, Blondie and me, when selecting what to buy but what the heck, its spring!

I had a quick run in at my grans today and went to do her usual shopping and the likes. I helped her as well to trim her hair that she had tried to cut herself with a somewhat different result. But it turned out all nice and even when i had had a finishing fiddle with it. Wonder what James would say if i on thursday came back from my hairdressers apointment saying she had been sick so i had to cut it myself. Probably that it looks nice and smile....

Monday, April 22, 2002

I feel a bit sad tonight. Been thinking about my sister most of the day. That came right out of the blue that he was leaving her. My sister and himself was up here for Easter and nothing seemed to falter then and they seemed as they always have been, ok. And now this. Anyway i told my mum about it and she was upset as well so it took a bit of time to calm her down over the phone. Operation Sister rescue is coming about soon, depends on if she wants any help though.
Mondays..how is a week going to turn out by starting with sad news? Yesterday i had an upset Rosie over saying she had had a row with her bf and he took his clothes and stuff with him and said he would get in touch later on..sometime.. And this morning my sister phones and is all upset becasue her bf since 10 years is leaving her. AND i had a mail from my best friend that she is having trouble with her bf and she is thinking about leaving him, again. I mean..whats next??

Saturday, April 20, 2002

Weekend already!
Time is speeding right now. Maybe it is because it knows how much i hate flying. Never the less i will get through that bit and be in England in may. And get to meet a totally nutty person for the first time in the flesh so to speak. Plan is to go to London and meet Twinkie for lunch. I know its weird calling someone Twinkie. But that is how he calls himself when online. And it kinda stuck in there, with loads of crumbs i might add. His real name is Steve though and is one of the few brave men that work at a computer helpdesk that handles company computer problems. He's said several times that he will go more insane if he stays at it for much longer. And i do believe him when he sometimes tells me about peoples problems they phone up to ask about.

The week has been very interesting workwise. I got to do my new stuff in the veggie section and upset my boss because i was right. That is always a bonus. And i got to finish early on a friday, which hasnt happend for 5 years! So i really didnt know what to do when i got home. So i mainly just plodded along a bit at home untill Rosie came by for a chatter and a cup of ..pepsi.. :o)

James has been working a lot lately and we've managed to work past each other almost the entire week. So when i get home he has just left for work, and when he gets home i've just left. So its been late nights and early mornings for a bit of conversation and no one can have any good conversation with James when he is tired. But now its the WEEKEND so we are going out in a minute to do something. He doesnt know it yet but i will be sneaking out soonish. And its always good if he notices so he can tag along as well....

Might go biking because it is such a lovely evening. Been the most magnificent day here today. Warm (+20) and clear skies with lots of sun. Hopefully it will hold on tomorrow as well and we might go see a friend of ours, Lotta, and help her rake the leafs in her garden. He doesnt know that either... ;o)

Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Btw, work was alright yesterday in my new shift as a "veggieperson semi in charge" and i made my boss all upset. That is a bonus because me and Ĺsa was right! That makes it even better! Tell you later, im off shopping now
Eh... Im confused. I started my new schedule and im no longer off on tuesdays but instead i am on wednesdays. And it seems wrong to be home right now. But never the less im freeeeee!

And what am i going to do today you ask, SHOP! I just realised yesterday that i really dont have any good spring/summer clothes or shoes. So today i will be dragging a very unwilling James around town in the search of new stuff. He didnt like it yesterday when i had a quick look around at 5 in the shoeshop and im sure he wont like it today either. But he will have to get used to it! Actually he really is better then the average guy when we go shopping, well unless it takes too long because then he will start yawning very often and look all miserable and mopy. But if i think he will do that i usually tell him to go home and i can shop alone. But then he puts in his "oh no im not tired" comment but still walks around with a martyr look on his face so i give up and send him home anyway. Im sure he has a smug grin on his face when walking home that he was let off again....

I will never forget when we went shopping for shoes for him. He still havent got any new ones btw... That experience made me almost pull my hair out! So he can do that alone next time and i wont say a thing about the sort of shoes he comes back home with (not much anyway) ;o)

Monday, April 15, 2002

It will be most interesting to go to work today. I have a feeling my boss wants to talk to me if Boris has done as he always do, tell on people. Yesterday i got so fed up with him sitting around doing jack shit while the rest of us had to do everything so when i caught him playing solitaire!! on the computer when there were lots of things left to do i blew my lid! And i told him that if he was going to sit there and play a stupid computer solitaire game and expect some help from us he had another thing coming and that i wouldnt help him at all for the rest of the day! Dont know if it was that what made him start working and clearing up, but a few minutes later i heard him rambling around in the dairy section. Trouble is that he came and asked me if i wanted to help him out in the bottle and can recycle room while he was preparing some mincemeat and i said a firm NO. It wasnt like the recycle room was overflowing and it wouldnt hurt him to hustle a bit to get both things done. But knowing the mind of Boris he will have complained to the boss about me not wanting to help him out when he asked. Thing is, i got a card up my sleave. If Big Boss mentiones it, i will mention the sitting around and playing solitaire... Makes us nice and even wouldnt you say..? ;o)

Saturday, April 13, 2002

I feel like an old hag tonight! The stiffness of my shoulders and back is frightening. Usually its not like this when i have been working saturdays. Its one of the fun days, meaning i get to be in the veggie section all day pottering around. Well it would have been if the weekend boss wasnt called Boris. Its a joke that this man is supposed to be in charge when all he does is run around telling everyone else to do his jobs and his responsebilities while he kicks back in the staff room watching tv! But since we all hate him with a vengeance we do NOTHING to help him out. So it will be him that has to answer to the Big Boss on monday about the mess and the stuff not done. Sadly Big Boss sees trough his fingers with most of the things Boris do or rather doesnt. But we are all hoping he will get fed up with it and choose someone else for weekend boss. But knowing how his mind works that won't be happening anytime soon, only because Big Boss 'promised' Boris he would get the job now when Marie has left. As long as he doesn't try to put any of his work on me i won't interfear. He is really a sad character, Boris that is. So eager to please the boss and always on his best side whenever Big Boss is around. But as soon as he leaves Boris turns into your nightmarish Boss wannabe, trying to order people around and we just laugh at him and get hit by this very strong urge to strangle him as quickly and quietly as possible and dump him into the paper press...

Friday, April 12, 2002

Friday is partynight! At least for our neighbours downstairs. Every weekend you can hear the music put on LOUD and then there is the banging and shouting. Sometimes you wonder what they are doing from the sounds they make... It was a bit funny last weekend when our neighbour across the hall came and told us she was having a birthday party and if there was any disturbance we should just knock on the door and tell them. She came and said it twice to make sure we knew. And then Saturday night came and we were expecting the type of noice and rows they had on new years eve but to our amusment it was very very ...QUIET! We had lots of fun making up things they were doing so very quietly. One of my favorite ones was that they were doing yoga... If she wouldnt have said anything we would have thought they were not home! Poor her though, maybe she expected more guests and friends to come over and they didnt. At least they had some wine because they sent over this little girl to ask if they could borrow our corkscrew. Which of course they could, nice person as i am.. ;o)

I had a strange conversation today with the shops little 'Blondie'. We had a staff party a few weeks back and all sorts of rumours got out about what had actually happend during it. I never went because i worked late and closed that evening, so all i had to go on was other peoples version on the night. Well the main rumour is that Blondie ended up in bed with Big Bosses brother who is working in the shop as well. Trouble is Big Brother is married with 6 kids so people were kinda huffed about his doings and Blondies remarks that she knew exactly what she had done and with who and she had all of the night accounted for in her memory and didnt regret any of it. But others say she was so drunk she could hardly stand by herself. Anyway, today she came and pulled me to a corner and asked if i had heard what had been going on at the party and what i thought had happend. So i said what i thought, that yes it seemed like it would be like the rumour said. She said it wasnt so and told her version of it. According to her they had only 'wrestled' on the bed a bit and he had rubbed his stubble around her chin and not kissed her at all. And she hadnt broken anything either. I wonder how she will explain the bit about Ulla being all upset about getting one of her antique vases broken. Dont know what to think, because my first thought was that it sounded so fabricated. The main thing about all of this was that she was worried about how she will be remembered when she finishes in two weeks time and now wanted to set the score right so to speak. I will see what happens and what else comes out of this little story before saying anything... I had a quick talk to my sister about it though and she wasnt surprised at all about what had happend since she has her own supermarket and well remembers her early years as a trainee and all the partys they had.

I try not to get into these rumour talks because it always ends up going pearshaped and people getting upset and not talking to one and another for quite a while. Come to think of it there is always a sort of silent and ashamed huff on mondays after a party weekend. Guess people are sobering up and remembering what ACTUALLY happend... Always makes it interesting to go to work then... ;o))

Thursday, April 11, 2002

Must catch up!
Yesterday i had a girls night out with Rosie. We went to the local pub for a meal and a very looong chatter. Didnt get home untill 10ish and we had started to eat at 6. Dinner was lovely, had me some nice chicken with mozzarella and gorgonzola sauce...yummie! And the talk! Sometimes you wonder how men can keep up in the changes of subjects we women do, i mean, one second we're talking about marriage and the next how it is to win a million or two over to the world events you've seen on the tv etc.. But maybe guys cant keep up, its just a fake nod of - mmmm i know love, sometimes.

Work has been a right pain in the ...... Not much people about and absolutely nothing to do more then the morning fill up of fresh veggies. I even washed the dustbin feet because i had nothing else to do. Easy days i suppose but oh so BORING! I rather have it buzzing with customers, emptying every shelf in sight so you have to have a heart rate off the scale to keep up. Mr T, the veggieperson in charge has been good as well. Done his bit and more when i asked him to do the heavy apple crates. Its good to be the 'weaker' sex sometimes.. ;o) Marie came in today for her last day at work, she got a nice job in Borlänge at the much bigger supermarket ICA Kvantum, so now she doesnt need to comute every day. I will miss her, but we still will try to win the lotto on saturdays. We are 3 from work that play the lotto and our secret dream was about winning big and all 3 of us going in to the Big Boss and tell him we're quiting NOW and walk out of there laughing. Ah sweet dreams...

Oh i must tell you, i got a bunch of lovely tulips from James, just because.... Seriously, i had not niggled him a couple of times for some flowers to surprise me, no not me. Trouble is now i cant say that he never buys me some flowers, and that is ...annoying! Maybe i will go on to the next thing on the list now, how about some other surprise pressies just because, like something golden and wearable..? Fair enough, he has bought me flowers and small surprise gifts before so its not like he never does these sort of things. He is very sweet my ickle englishman :o)

Tuesday, April 09, 2002

Why did i even bother to get up today? I woke up with a headache which didnt get any better as the day progressed so i just went for a short visit to my gran and then quickly home. To top it off it was a lovely day but i couldnt stand being out in the bright sunshine because it hurt my eyes and head. And James is working evening for the rest of the week. So all i will get is a tired "morning love" and a "sleep well love" as my daily doze of conversation! *moan moan moan*

Monday, April 08, 2002

Got the computer all to myself tonight since James is working late. I worked this evening but i finish quite early if you compare us. Im still struggling with templates. I want something fancy and nice with a picture or two. Silly thing is that i dont know ANYTHING about coding or making your own templates. Right now i can manage to change the color and add a line to put my email addy in, but thats it. Oh Oh Oh yes i can also link pictures to the right coding since that is probably the only thing i've been doing all weekend with other templates! Still stuck with an ordinery blogger one though. The blogskins.com page have nice ones in there, trouble is we cant apply them. I get error msgs everytime. The wonderful world of coding...

Part from that frustrating bit of life, it is boring right now. Boring at work, kinda boring at home. James is always tired, me too by the way. Must be spring. The oh so joyous and happy, happy, shirpy spring... I HATE THAT RIGHT NOW! Im just waiting for the trees to explode in a cloud of pollen so my sneezing season can start. Joy of joys....

On the bright side though, we are escaping Sweden in a few weeks time. We are going over to England to visit James parents for a week. That i look forward to, might be some sales on as well. Im a sucker for shopping, especially clothes shopping. Might not be any time to go to London this time, but i will settle for a nice day in Cambridge instead. Will have to ask nicely if we can get the famous and absolutely delicious chocolate torte his mum does for dessert as well.. It is absolute heaven for a chocoholic as myself. Wonder if much has changed in the village or if it is as it always has been. Maybe we might miss the worst of the pollen over here by being over there... ?*happy bounce* Only thing i dont like about going there is the flying bit. Im more and more thinking that if we were meant to fly we'd grown wings by now!
Blogger is really behaving badly!

Sunday, April 07, 2002

Blaaah for blogger, its been silly all evening, cant get in and post! Managed a new template though, not done yet but getting there. Other then that its been cleaning , cleaning and some more cleaning today. Had a good mess around out in the storage making more room out there for clothes and other stuff going there from our flat. I still feel all coverd in dust! Sorted out old clothes and the likes. And got to finish furnishing the apartment like i want it. Well for now at least. To tired to write and nothing really interesting has happend today. So will come back with more tomorrow

Saturday, April 06, 2002

I just had a good laugh, James tried out how he would look in a goatee since he hasnt shaved for a few days. Trouble is that he took off the moustach bit and it made him look ridiculous! So i was in spasms of laughter all over the desk when he came out of the bathroom and asked if this is how it should look like..

It is a wonderfull day and im off from work! Wonder if we should go out and do something fun tonight. Its been a while since last time... Might phone Rosie and ask if she wants to do something. Pubcrawl? Maybe... Or maybe bowling, im a sucker for that but the shoulders cant keep up. Another joy of working in a supermarket, get to waste your youth on lifting heavy stuff so you cant do anything in your old age...ha!

Friday, April 05, 2002

So we finaly have the chair that we bought from IKEA completed. But trouble is...its too BIG! I've spent the morning cleaning and picking up all the clothes and papers and junk laying around the apartment. And trying to fit the chair in without it looking squashed or weird. Talk about problem to fit a doublebed, a 3 seat sofa, two small coffetables, a big wooden chest, new tv and bench, several BIG plants, the new chair with footrest into a small apartment of 50 square meters! The main room is about..34 square meters so you got your work cut out for yourself. But i think it will be better when mum comes and collects her old tv that we've had since our little one gave up. Have to get rid of that one as well, anyone want a small tv with video built in, both broken??

Its been difficult publishing things today on blogger so i will make a final try then now

Wednesday, April 03, 2002

I hate early mornings! Still i rather work early and have the afternoon off. Now why doesnt that mix? And it was heavy at work today as well since my fellow worker thought he had more fun running around talking to people then to help me out in the vegetable and fruit section. I got pissed off and called him and told him i've done my bit and now it is yours what is left and we open in 40 minutes! He came running back all apologetic but i didnt buy it for one second. Anyway, he did what he was supposed to do the rest of the day. But it is annoying that its me that have to tell him what to do. Its really meant that im helping him as an assistant type more then me saying what needs to be done. Hmm, i might muscle my way in there and take over if he is such a push over, would get a payrise then as well... We'll see how things turn out since i heard i might be getting the other shifts in the veggies.

I got some assembly to do do later on tonight. New tv calls for a new tv bench and that is what we got today. Poor James all tired from work had to come along and help haul it back home. Fortunatly it came in a little flat box, well little and little, it fitted over the bike so we could walk it back home like that. You might wonder why i didnt say that James got some "handy-andy" stuff to do later on. Well if i left it to him i dont think we would have a table today, maybe tomorrow and after a few moans about the screws not fitting or something similar. So being the handy person in the household i'll do it myself and James can assist... (He'll kill me for that comment)

Oh i wish that they would shut up with the so called singing across the street! There is a local band practising in the youth center and it sounds bloody awfull! Caterwailing, not singing....did i really say that? I cant be that old can i? OH GOD ... NOOO!!

Tuesday, April 02, 2002

Ahh, my day off. No one touches my day off! I like to potter around a bit at home and get on with the build up of jobs and at least try to get somethings done. And as usuall  on a tuesday i went to see my grandmother. She is 90 but still bright and about, but complaining about her body not working as well as it used to. Took her out for a short walk to the garbage shoot. At least she got fresh air going there and back. She's so sweet with her little zimmerframe with wheels, i mean she doesnt walk slowly with that. It is up and gone in 60 seconds some days! But today it was a slow walk so we could  see the flowers that were planted outside. Some brave daffodils where potted around the patios, and a few pansys where showing their sunny side up. Some had taken out their patio chairs and tables as well. Maybe James is right when he says it is spring. But i doubt it since im used to swedish spring so i wont say anything yet, because it might snow next week, thats not unusuall.

I waited for James to get back from work before heading off to my friend Rosie who works in a second hand shop. Been meaning to go there for ages to see what she was doing and finaly today i felt like going. It is a bit outside of town so have to bike there (have no car) But since the weather has been really sunny and bright it was no problem at all, more then that my poor legs are telling me to get out more and exercise right now! But it will be fine once i get going on the bike again, saddlesore or not this is how i get around most of the year. Thank god for the rest i get in winter..

It wasnt to hard to find the place and it was 4 huge rooms filled with secondhand bits and bobs. Furniture, clothes, cuttlery, paintings, lots of glaswear and metal thingymajigs. I love going around and having a good look and to see whats under  a pile of clothes or cloths or whatever there is in corners and under tables and in the back of shelves. I think  i made a little bargain. Got a really ancient slideprojector for 50 kronor, which is about $5.50. It has a working fan and lightbulb and the lenses where clear so why not. But im sure it is from around ww2 and it weighs a ton! But it worked when we tried it out  with some old slides at home. Now to get some more slides, i will have to look into it since i got a spare camera free now to do some testing with.  One of my interests is to take pictures and this was just the one thing i've been thinking about doing so why not start off simple and ancient and work yourself up to a nice electrical projector. I also found a very nice servingplatter that after a scrub looks very nice with some chunky candles on and a smaller black and blue candleholder.

We went to have a look at the springsale at the local electrical superstore later on and found ourselves coming back with a new tv. Only thing is that it looked so small in the shop, but when we got it home it looks HUGE! Will have to find a new bench for it to sit on as my old one is for a small tv, shop to you drop this month i think..

Monday, April 01, 2002

Another day in the long holidays of Easter. It is such a long and really, boring, holiday. Im not religious and dont believe in God so this is just a good weekend to be off , unless your working as i am though.. I know why we have easter and christmas. But all these other little holidays, not a clue why and dont really care either. I celebrate the coming of spring, Valborgsmässoafton, or Walpurgisnight as i think it is called in english, the very swedish tradition of midsummer, with a flower decorated pole to dance around and all the other heathen traditions there is around as well... ;o)

Maybe thats why im not getting married in a church next year when me and James are planning to tie the knot. I rather have it outdoors and maybe in the last day of april. But we still havent decided when and where. It is a bit hard when the guy your going to marry keeps on saying fine to everything you suggest!. I would like a bit more input, but maybe i will get it this summer since he said we would have a good look around for a nice place to hold the wedding at. Maybe i will suggest it to him to get married somewhere completly nutty today and say that it is either that way or not at all, wonder what he would say . But im sure he would think its an april fools joke since he has been trying to fool me all morning today. And that only because he peeked at my page and saw the comment about fooling him twice. But oh i will fool him and he wont know when or what.. Im good at winding him up so it shouldnt be too difficult.