Tuesday, April 23, 2002

I must be mad.
We went biking this sunday to visit Lotta from work and James said it was 27 km there and back! No wonder i was feeling very tired on sunday evening. But i still have to admit im kinda chuffed my legs werent as tired as James ... He complained all monday about it.

Today at work it didnt happen anything interesting. How boring! Only good thing is that we got to buy flowers. I think we went a bit over the top, Blondie and me, when selecting what to buy but what the heck, its spring!

I had a quick run in at my grans today and went to do her usual shopping and the likes. I helped her as well to trim her hair that she had tried to cut herself with a somewhat different result. But it turned out all nice and even when i had had a finishing fiddle with it. Wonder what James would say if i on thursday came back from my hairdressers apointment saying she had been sick so i had to cut it myself. Probably that it looks nice and smile....

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