Monday, April 15, 2002

It will be most interesting to go to work today. I have a feeling my boss wants to talk to me if Boris has done as he always do, tell on people. Yesterday i got so fed up with him sitting around doing jack shit while the rest of us had to do everything so when i caught him playing solitaire!! on the computer when there were lots of things left to do i blew my lid! And i told him that if he was going to sit there and play a stupid computer solitaire game and expect some help from us he had another thing coming and that i wouldnt help him at all for the rest of the day! Dont know if it was that what made him start working and clearing up, but a few minutes later i heard him rambling around in the dairy section. Trouble is that he came and asked me if i wanted to help him out in the bottle and can recycle room while he was preparing some mincemeat and i said a firm NO. It wasnt like the recycle room was overflowing and it wouldnt hurt him to hustle a bit to get both things done. But knowing the mind of Boris he will have complained to the boss about me not wanting to help him out when he asked. Thing is, i got a card up my sleave. If Big Boss mentiones it, i will mention the sitting around and playing solitaire... Makes us nice and even wouldnt you say..? ;o)

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