Friday, April 05, 2002

So we finaly have the chair that we bought from IKEA completed. But trouble is...its too BIG! I've spent the morning cleaning and picking up all the clothes and papers and junk laying around the apartment. And trying to fit the chair in without it looking squashed or weird. Talk about problem to fit a doublebed, a 3 seat sofa, two small coffetables, a big wooden chest, new tv and bench, several BIG plants, the new chair with footrest into a small apartment of 50 square meters! The main room is about..34 square meters so you got your work cut out for yourself. But i think it will be better when mum comes and collects her old tv that we've had since our little one gave up. Have to get rid of that one as well, anyone want a small tv with video built in, both broken??

Its been difficult publishing things today on blogger so i will make a final try then now

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