Thursday, April 11, 2002

Must catch up!
Yesterday i had a girls night out with Rosie. We went to the local pub for a meal and a very looong chatter. Didnt get home untill 10ish and we had started to eat at 6. Dinner was lovely, had me some nice chicken with mozzarella and gorgonzola sauce...yummie! And the talk! Sometimes you wonder how men can keep up in the changes of subjects we women do, i mean, one second we're talking about marriage and the next how it is to win a million or two over to the world events you've seen on the tv etc.. But maybe guys cant keep up, its just a fake nod of - mmmm i know love, sometimes.

Work has been a right pain in the ...... Not much people about and absolutely nothing to do more then the morning fill up of fresh veggies. I even washed the dustbin feet because i had nothing else to do. Easy days i suppose but oh so BORING! I rather have it buzzing with customers, emptying every shelf in sight so you have to have a heart rate off the scale to keep up. Mr T, the veggieperson in charge has been good as well. Done his bit and more when i asked him to do the heavy apple crates. Its good to be the 'weaker' sex sometimes.. ;o) Marie came in today for her last day at work, she got a nice job in Borlänge at the much bigger supermarket ICA Kvantum, so now she doesnt need to comute every day. I will miss her, but we still will try to win the lotto on saturdays. We are 3 from work that play the lotto and our secret dream was about winning big and all 3 of us going in to the Big Boss and tell him we're quiting NOW and walk out of there laughing. Ah sweet dreams...

Oh i must tell you, i got a bunch of lovely tulips from James, just because.... Seriously, i had not niggled him a couple of times for some flowers to surprise me, no not me. Trouble is now i cant say that he never buys me some flowers, and that is ...annoying! Maybe i will go on to the next thing on the list now, how about some other surprise pressies just because, like something golden and wearable..? Fair enough, he has bought me flowers and small surprise gifts before so its not like he never does these sort of things. He is very sweet my ickle englishman :o)

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