Tuesday, April 02, 2002

Ahh, my day off. No one touches my day off! I like to potter around a bit at home and get on with the build up of jobs and at least try to get somethings done. And as usuall  on a tuesday i went to see my grandmother. She is 90 but still bright and about, but complaining about her body not working as well as it used to. Took her out for a short walk to the garbage shoot. At least she got fresh air going there and back. She's so sweet with her little zimmerframe with wheels, i mean she doesnt walk slowly with that. It is up and gone in 60 seconds some days! But today it was a slow walk so we could  see the flowers that were planted outside. Some brave daffodils where potted around the patios, and a few pansys where showing their sunny side up. Some had taken out their patio chairs and tables as well. Maybe James is right when he says it is spring. But i doubt it since im used to swedish spring so i wont say anything yet, because it might snow next week, thats not unusuall.

I waited for James to get back from work before heading off to my friend Rosie who works in a second hand shop. Been meaning to go there for ages to see what she was doing and finaly today i felt like going. It is a bit outside of town so have to bike there (have no car) But since the weather has been really sunny and bright it was no problem at all, more then that my poor legs are telling me to get out more and exercise right now! But it will be fine once i get going on the bike again, saddlesore or not this is how i get around most of the year. Thank god for the rest i get in winter..

It wasnt to hard to find the place and it was 4 huge rooms filled with secondhand bits and bobs. Furniture, clothes, cuttlery, paintings, lots of glaswear and metal thingymajigs. I love going around and having a good look and to see whats under  a pile of clothes or cloths or whatever there is in corners and under tables and in the back of shelves. I think  i made a little bargain. Got a really ancient slideprojector for 50 kronor, which is about $5.50. It has a working fan and lightbulb and the lenses where clear so why not. But im sure it is from around ww2 and it weighs a ton! But it worked when we tried it out  with some old slides at home. Now to get some more slides, i will have to look into it since i got a spare camera free now to do some testing with.  One of my interests is to take pictures and this was just the one thing i've been thinking about doing so why not start off simple and ancient and work yourself up to a nice electrical projector. I also found a very nice servingplatter that after a scrub looks very nice with some chunky candles on and a smaller black and blue candleholder.

We went to have a look at the springsale at the local electrical superstore later on and found ourselves coming back with a new tv. Only thing is that it looked so small in the shop, but when we got it home it looks HUGE! Will have to find a new bench for it to sit on as my old one is for a small tv, shop to you drop this month i think..

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