Saturday, April 20, 2002

Weekend already!
Time is speeding right now. Maybe it is because it knows how much i hate flying. Never the less i will get through that bit and be in England in may. And get to meet a totally nutty person for the first time in the flesh so to speak. Plan is to go to London and meet Twinkie for lunch. I know its weird calling someone Twinkie. But that is how he calls himself when online. And it kinda stuck in there, with loads of crumbs i might add. His real name is Steve though and is one of the few brave men that work at a computer helpdesk that handles company computer problems. He's said several times that he will go more insane if he stays at it for much longer. And i do believe him when he sometimes tells me about peoples problems they phone up to ask about.

The week has been very interesting workwise. I got to do my new stuff in the veggie section and upset my boss because i was right. That is always a bonus. And i got to finish early on a friday, which hasnt happend for 5 years! So i really didnt know what to do when i got home. So i mainly just plodded along a bit at home untill Rosie came by for a chatter and a cup of ..pepsi.. :o)

James has been working a lot lately and we've managed to work past each other almost the entire week. So when i get home he has just left for work, and when he gets home i've just left. So its been late nights and early mornings for a bit of conversation and no one can have any good conversation with James when he is tired. But now its the WEEKEND so we are going out in a minute to do something. He doesnt know it yet but i will be sneaking out soonish. And its always good if he notices so he can tag along as well....

Might go biking because it is such a lovely evening. Been the most magnificent day here today. Warm (+20) and clear skies with lots of sun. Hopefully it will hold on tomorrow as well and we might go see a friend of ours, Lotta, and help her rake the leafs in her garden. He doesnt know that either... ;o)

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