Monday, April 01, 2002

Another day in the long holidays of Easter. It is such a long and really, boring, holiday. Im not religious and dont believe in God so this is just a good weekend to be off , unless your working as i am though.. I know why we have easter and christmas. But all these other little holidays, not a clue why and dont really care either. I celebrate the coming of spring, Valborgsmässoafton, or Walpurgisnight as i think it is called in english, the very swedish tradition of midsummer, with a flower decorated pole to dance around and all the other heathen traditions there is around as well... ;o)

Maybe thats why im not getting married in a church next year when me and James are planning to tie the knot. I rather have it outdoors and maybe in the last day of april. But we still havent decided when and where. It is a bit hard when the guy your going to marry keeps on saying fine to everything you suggest!. I would like a bit more input, but maybe i will get it this summer since he said we would have a good look around for a nice place to hold the wedding at. Maybe i will suggest it to him to get married somewhere completly nutty today and say that it is either that way or not at all, wonder what he would say . But im sure he would think its an april fools joke since he has been trying to fool me all morning today. And that only because he peeked at my page and saw the comment about fooling him twice. But oh i will fool him and he wont know when or what.. Im good at winding him up so it shouldnt be too difficult.

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