Friday, April 12, 2002

Friday is partynight! At least for our neighbours downstairs. Every weekend you can hear the music put on LOUD and then there is the banging and shouting. Sometimes you wonder what they are doing from the sounds they make... It was a bit funny last weekend when our neighbour across the hall came and told us she was having a birthday party and if there was any disturbance we should just knock on the door and tell them. She came and said it twice to make sure we knew. And then Saturday night came and we were expecting the type of noice and rows they had on new years eve but to our amusment it was very very ...QUIET! We had lots of fun making up things they were doing so very quietly. One of my favorite ones was that they were doing yoga... If she wouldnt have said anything we would have thought they were not home! Poor her though, maybe she expected more guests and friends to come over and they didnt. At least they had some wine because they sent over this little girl to ask if they could borrow our corkscrew. Which of course they could, nice person as i am.. ;o)

I had a strange conversation today with the shops little 'Blondie'. We had a staff party a few weeks back and all sorts of rumours got out about what had actually happend during it. I never went because i worked late and closed that evening, so all i had to go on was other peoples version on the night. Well the main rumour is that Blondie ended up in bed with Big Bosses brother who is working in the shop as well. Trouble is Big Brother is married with 6 kids so people were kinda huffed about his doings and Blondies remarks that she knew exactly what she had done and with who and she had all of the night accounted for in her memory and didnt regret any of it. But others say she was so drunk she could hardly stand by herself. Anyway, today she came and pulled me to a corner and asked if i had heard what had been going on at the party and what i thought had happend. So i said what i thought, that yes it seemed like it would be like the rumour said. She said it wasnt so and told her version of it. According to her they had only 'wrestled' on the bed a bit and he had rubbed his stubble around her chin and not kissed her at all. And she hadnt broken anything either. I wonder how she will explain the bit about Ulla being all upset about getting one of her antique vases broken. Dont know what to think, because my first thought was that it sounded so fabricated. The main thing about all of this was that she was worried about how she will be remembered when she finishes in two weeks time and now wanted to set the score right so to speak. I will see what happens and what else comes out of this little story before saying anything... I had a quick talk to my sister about it though and she wasnt surprised at all about what had happend since she has her own supermarket and well remembers her early years as a trainee and all the partys they had.

I try not to get into these rumour talks because it always ends up going pearshaped and people getting upset and not talking to one and another for quite a while. Come to think of it there is always a sort of silent and ashamed huff on mondays after a party weekend. Guess people are sobering up and remembering what ACTUALLY happend... Always makes it interesting to go to work then... ;o))

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