Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Still keeping everything crossed in terms of the apartment sale, we might be able to have good news tomorrow. Well it is good already but just to make sure it is even better news for tomorrow, you know.

It is terribly busy at work at the moment. Lots of shoppers since it is Easter this weekend. The worst day is yet to come, tomorrow, until we can have a little bit of a breather on Friday. Hopefully people will be out in the lasting warm spring weather we are having at the moment and the rest of the weekend will just breeze by. It has been up to +14 today which makes for a welcome change from last weeks cold and quite nippy -15. The snow have been melting visibly today and I went for a long walk around the little lakes just down from us. All in all after a hectic morning and afternoon I am finally home and can relax a bit. But not too much or I will fall asleep!

I've started some seeds, at the moment it is just the double flowering Petunias I bought from England and a new sort of flower I've not seen before. In Latin it is Cistanthe grandiflora but in Swedish it is Stor Sidenblomma. Petunias are happily sprouting away and are a cm high. Bit gangly but I think they will get better once I take the hood off the tray. No sign of the Sidenblomma yet but they are supposed to be late at sprouting. Other then those I don't think I will have time to do any vegetables. Possibly I will do the runnerbeans in pots again to give them a head start in our cold spring and summer start. It did work a treat last year and we had a very good, big harvest of beans. Also I'm going to try out some nice yellow pearshaped tomatos in buckets at our new place. My mum is doing those for me since she had such a good hand at getting her tomato plants so big last year. All in all, it is feeling much more like spring!

Friday, March 18, 2005

After a day of scrubbing and dubbing so everything was neatly shining and you could eat off the floor we had 8 couples come to the viewing, 3 left a note of interest straight away and the rest have until Monday to think about it. Keeping literally everything crossed we might be able to sign a contract before Easter.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Six couples are interested in our apartment, at least that is how many is coming to the viewing tomorrow. I've been busy all morning getting things done but it seems that nothing is getting done! I'm just running around like a chicken without a head, panicking! BREATH!

In other news I think the new ice age has begun. We woke up to a foot of fresh snow this morning, it is soon V?rdagjämning damn it! That is when spring should have been sprung but not this year it seems. We have a very late winter and a fickle one at that.

Oh well I should be getting back at running around aimlessly, panicking.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Everything seems to be put on hold. We are having a viewing of our apartment on Friday and cant really do anything until we got a buyer for this place. So we cant really do anything in terms of starting packing and cleaning and just making the whole moving business a bit more easy and less stressful until we know if it is sold.

And I should know about stressful moving. When I moved away from home for the very first time I moved 4 times within 6 months. It wasn't my fault, promise! I was supposed to move into a 1 room and kitchen that had been converted from a 3 room and kitchen. But when it was time to move in they noticed at the final survey that they had budged up when doing the new kitchen and managed to drill through a water pipe so it all had to be redone, meanwhile I got a temporary apartment next door. Then I moved into my 1 room apartment and had a great few months there in spring. I had a lovely party at Valborg with lots of people from work and friends as well. But then in summer I started to notice this smell. After a few calls to the housing estate they came to see what could be wrong and they found a leaking old pipe in the hallway next to the bathroom. So I had to be evacuated to a 2 room apartment across the yard while they fixed the pipe and dried the apartment out. While in the 2 room apartment I found I had cockroaches in the kitchen and that was just the last straw! I had to find somewhere else because I wasn't at all comfortable to stay in that area anymore. By chance, Al (best friend from old really called Ann-Louise but Al for short) phoned early one morning saying she's seen this add for a 1 room in town and I should really phone straight away. So I did as I was told and was lucky to be the first to phone. Went and had a look at it the same day after work and it was lovely, only 5 minutes walk from the city centre and just big enough, cheap as well as the electricity was included in the rent. That is where I moved for the fourth time and that is where I stayed until James and me moved here 2 years ago.
And talking about moving here, don't move the same year you get married, it is nerve racking, I should know because I did...

Friday, March 04, 2005

I've been busy all day and still got some things left on the To Do list. Right now the second load of washing is going round down at the laundrette, got to go down there in a minute to get it drying. The kitchen is literally SPARKLING since I've been scrubbing away at it since early this morning. The oven has a gleam to it not surpassed by a brand new one! And you better agree with me or I'll come with some brillo pads ready to scrub your mouth out with the lies you tell!

I've also had a chat to the estate lady and we agreed on the description of the apartment and she said she would lay it out on the internet today, it would probably not show up until tomorrow though. Hopefully there are people interested and willing to pay the upted price. I had a chat to our chairman in the förening and he thought we would easy get 250 000 kr so after a bit of thought and consideration we've changed it to that. Left to do today is the bathroom. It need a good scrub of the walls and everything else if I'm going to have a easy clean before the viewings start. Then you would only need to touch up on the essentials and stage it rather then scrub it all.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

We now own one tenth of the house. Contracts were written yesterday and as is customary here in Sweden we also paid 10% of the house price in a downpayment. So now we can relax a bit until 25 May when we are signing the final contract, köpebrev, getting the mortgage in order, pay the sellers in full and getting the keys. Now we only need to stress over the moving part and the selling of our apartment. But I did realize that I wouldn't cope with selling it myself, James does help out but it is me keeping tabs on people and calling back so it was a bit too much taking care of everything else so we got an estate agent from Svensk Fastighet in to help us sell it. She came round yesterday and took pictures and wrote a bit about the apartment and was going to send us some more papers to sign and other questions of info she might need as well. So that ball is also in motion and hopefully the apartment will sell quickly and to our asking price of 225 000 kr. We are hoping for several people to be interested so there would be a bit of bidding, but we'll be happy with the asking price as well.