Thursday, March 03, 2005

We now own one tenth of the house. Contracts were written yesterday and as is customary here in Sweden we also paid 10% of the house price in a downpayment. So now we can relax a bit until 25 May when we are signing the final contract, köpebrev, getting the mortgage in order, pay the sellers in full and getting the keys. Now we only need to stress over the moving part and the selling of our apartment. But I did realize that I wouldn't cope with selling it myself, James does help out but it is me keeping tabs on people and calling back so it was a bit too much taking care of everything else so we got an estate agent from Svensk Fastighet in to help us sell it. She came round yesterday and took pictures and wrote a bit about the apartment and was going to send us some more papers to sign and other questions of info she might need as well. So that ball is also in motion and hopefully the apartment will sell quickly and to our asking price of 225 000 kr. We are hoping for several people to be interested so there would be a bit of bidding, but we'll be happy with the asking price as well.

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