Friday, March 04, 2005

I've been busy all day and still got some things left on the To Do list. Right now the second load of washing is going round down at the laundrette, got to go down there in a minute to get it drying. The kitchen is literally SPARKLING since I've been scrubbing away at it since early this morning. The oven has a gleam to it not surpassed by a brand new one! And you better agree with me or I'll come with some brillo pads ready to scrub your mouth out with the lies you tell!

I've also had a chat to the estate lady and we agreed on the description of the apartment and she said she would lay it out on the internet today, it would probably not show up until tomorrow though. Hopefully there are people interested and willing to pay the upted price. I had a chat to our chairman in the förening and he thought we would easy get 250 000 kr so after a bit of thought and consideration we've changed it to that. Left to do today is the bathroom. It need a good scrub of the walls and everything else if I'm going to have a easy clean before the viewings start. Then you would only need to touch up on the essentials and stage it rather then scrub it all.

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