Saturday, March 29, 2003

So yet another weekend and im working. And of course it is lovely weather outside! But usually the weekends go by without too much hassle. Depending on who is left in charge of course.... If Boris is in charge its a sure thing something will be shouted about at work. I do wonder, dont he get it that no one likes his style?? Never mind...

The war has been going on now for a while, what is it, a week? The news trickles in and the sure and arrogant 'shock and awe' seems not to be having the effect they wanted it to have... Also they are upset about the iraqi soldiers disguising themselves as civilians surrendering and then ambushing the american or brittish soldiers meeting them. Well, what did they expect from someone like Saddam?? That he would leave walk over? I think they are making a huge mistake thinking Saddam will follow any 'rules of war' and it certainly doesnt help to be a cry baby in the news about it.... Why dont you face it, you've taken on a psychopath, there are no rules, he makes the rules, period. And since we all know what sort of a twisted mind Saddam has i am not at all surprised. I am more surprised he hasnt used his biological weapons, but maybe he is saving them for when they try to take Baghdad. Oh war, how i hate it. Just as much as i hate arrogant men who think they rule the world..

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Finaly tapped the last piece of wood into the floor yesterday. Now all we need to do is get the old paint off from the skiritngboards, paint them white, try to figure out how to nail them to a concrete wall hard as a diamond and yes then we are finished for this time. Oh and put up two more curtain rails. Did the bedroom and kitchen one today. But now the trouble is, i dont feel that my old curtains fit in with how it is looking here.... What to do? Make do with the ones i have (multiple choices there), remake some of my old ones (got a couple of ideas) or buy brand new ones?

Part from doing the odd handy stuff early on this morning not much have happend. I went to see my gran as usuall today and did a bit of shopping for her. Then went home and pondered what to do while waiting for mum to get off work so we could go to Rankhyttan and discuss our wedding with the new management. I invited mum in for dinner, i just cant cook for ONE person, its so sad to see two ickle potatoes paired with a few meatballs. Thats not cooking, thats desparing! Anyway the day has been quite productive, but still it looks a royale mess in here! I just cant live with boxes unpacked and strewen all over the apartment and unfinished skirtingboards littering the hallway and guestroom anymore! But James said he would do it all tomorrow so we can paint the boards at the weekend. It is still to be seen though.... ;o)

Sunday, March 23, 2003

*creek* Ouch! Oh how I wish we would have a bath at times like this. That was me creeking by the way when I got out of bed this morning. My hands are aching from holding the planks when sawing and from pushing and banging on them when they wouldnt fit neatly into the other planks!

But despite all the aches today, I must say again how FANTASTIC the new floor looks like! It is such a difference from when we moved in Im almost tempted to move our bed into the guestroom!! Im going to get cracking soon with measuring how much new skirtingboard we have to buy at Coop. The old ones are very dry and in some places crumbly now when it is off the walls.

James is out doing a 10 k run this morning and im up very bright and early for being a weekend. But i suppose it is good because then i have time to finish all the odd little jobs that are left now, like painting the little bit above the tiles in the kitchen and measure out where the curtain rails are going as well and drill holes for them. Not yet though, have to consider the neighbours a bit. I think they had enough of our powersaw yesterday.... ;)

Saturday, March 22, 2003

Im looking at my new floor and thinking, bloody heck that looks FANTASTIC!
But it was very hard work to lay it all. Lotta and Roland came over at 9 this morning to help us out. My morning mood isnt the best even though i try to controll it but i think James was a bit niggled by me telling him to push and drag and press not specifiying what to push, drag or press.... I cant blame him, i was a real pain in the a.... But nevertheless, the floor is there, all straight and looking gorgeous.

L and R made the kitchen that is a bit more tricky with more corners while me and James went for the straight and square guestroom floor. And they say it is sooo easy to lay it by yourself! Well if it would only lay still once you got one piece in alright and are TRYING desperatly to fix the other plank in wihtout moving it all out of line!!! But in the end we got the hang of it. We only need two skimpy little pieces for the end bit close by the wall and for that we have to slaughter to fullsize planks to get said pieces. But that is for tomorrow, now it is time for beddybyes i think. Tell you more tomorrow. I am going to try to make a picture gallery and link it from here so you all can see how it looks like, but thats for tomorrow as well. Before i go, here is how it looks like in the kitchen right now, dont mind the dishwasher..... ;o)

Thursday, March 20, 2003

So, it has started then..... And as usuall it will be a televised marathon program about it untill the media thinks it is no longer news. Meanwhile thousands of people will die, mostly civilians, of course. Or as they are teaching us to think right now, collateral damage..

I am not pro war in any way, but something has to be done about Saddam. But war? No, surely there must be some other way, just dont know how. And i do think it is wrong that America went its own way and took it upon themselves to act world police again. Oh i've heard so much about how they will bring democracy to a tormented people and that the iraqi people will welcome them as their liberator. Somehow i doubt though that anyone thats been bombed to pieces will ever thank the bombers who did it to them in the name of democracy. They are showing snippets from Bush's speach on the news and it gives me the creeps everytime i hear them. He sound so righteous and arrogant, like no one can be of so high morales as the americans....

But what really makes me wonder is how God and religion has got involved in this. I've always thought that politics and religion are separet things and should never mix, because whenever they do get togheter it seems like it gets worse. Im not a religious person, never have been, but when an american president MUST have a strong christian belife (or at least fake it convincingly) to get into office i just shake my head in disbeliefe. Just as any other leader says that God is on their side and will help them out as long as they have faith...... I do think that God is pretty tired of these sort of statements from people who really cant give a fuck about God, if they did they would not drag religion into this. But since people in general need something to believe in i understand why they do it. Oh i know im rambling and im sure some christian will call me various names and say whats on their mind and how i shouldnt say anything and bla bla bla. But these are just my thoughts at the moment, i do admit im not into this as many other bloggers that are very well informed about all the goings on. I just feel very tired and weary about war even before this one has started. I think it is info overload from the news flashes.

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

They say a picture can say more then words. Well i got a word for fiddly paint that wont do as i want it!


Well at least it looks nice now when it is done..................

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

So finaly, we are BACK!
Covered in dust and paint but never mind that. It is all in the joys of owning your own place now isnt it...;o)
The move went very smoothly and quick. Getting it all togheter is seeming to take much longer.... But hey thats what happens when you decide to keep on doing a bit of home improvement after a week of thinking about the pro's and cons of doing it straight away. Also taking into account how much it will cost us to do it all at once, well almost all.

So this week it is painting the kitchen and removing the old plastic floor in there and putting in new wooden floor with a bit of help from Lotta and her husband this weekend. Also while they do the kitchen which is a bit more tricky , me and James are going to tackle the guestroom at the same time. I bet that Lotta and Roland will be finished well before us even with the tricky corners they have to do compared to our quite straight forward square room. Anyway it will be a laugh and it will be all ours :o)

James has had a bit of bad luck while we've been offline. First he managed to lose our mobile while biking back from work and yesterday he managed to drop his wallet while biking back home as well. Something tells me he will be keeping his possesions in a tight grip in his inside pockets from now on, well belted up and chained! Its so annoying when you lose something that you take for granted. The mobile was easily enough replaced by a cheap offer in a shop in Borlänge. But the creditcards and id-cars which are a bare necessity here in Sweden will be a bit more of a hassle to get new ones. Also to cancel all the cards and make sure we report the loss of the id-card to the police so that if someone starts using it we have a report to fall back on if we are asked to pay stuff we havent ordered.