Saturday, March 22, 2003

Im looking at my new floor and thinking, bloody heck that looks FANTASTIC!
But it was very hard work to lay it all. Lotta and Roland came over at 9 this morning to help us out. My morning mood isnt the best even though i try to controll it but i think James was a bit niggled by me telling him to push and drag and press not specifiying what to push, drag or press.... I cant blame him, i was a real pain in the a.... But nevertheless, the floor is there, all straight and looking gorgeous.

L and R made the kitchen that is a bit more tricky with more corners while me and James went for the straight and square guestroom floor. And they say it is sooo easy to lay it by yourself! Well if it would only lay still once you got one piece in alright and are TRYING desperatly to fix the other plank in wihtout moving it all out of line!!! But in the end we got the hang of it. We only need two skimpy little pieces for the end bit close by the wall and for that we have to slaughter to fullsize planks to get said pieces. But that is for tomorrow, now it is time for beddybyes i think. Tell you more tomorrow. I am going to try to make a picture gallery and link it from here so you all can see how it looks like, but thats for tomorrow as well. Before i go, here is how it looks like in the kitchen right now, dont mind the dishwasher..... ;o)

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