Tuesday, March 18, 2003

So finaly, we are BACK!
Covered in dust and paint but never mind that. It is all in the joys of owning your own place now isnt it...;o)
The move went very smoothly and quick. Getting it all togheter is seeming to take much longer.... But hey thats what happens when you decide to keep on doing a bit of home improvement after a week of thinking about the pro's and cons of doing it straight away. Also taking into account how much it will cost us to do it all at once, well almost all.

So this week it is painting the kitchen and removing the old plastic floor in there and putting in new wooden floor with a bit of help from Lotta and her husband this weekend. Also while they do the kitchen which is a bit more tricky , me and James are going to tackle the guestroom at the same time. I bet that Lotta and Roland will be finished well before us even with the tricky corners they have to do compared to our quite straight forward square room. Anyway it will be a laugh and it will be all ours :o)

James has had a bit of bad luck while we've been offline. First he managed to lose our mobile while biking back from work and yesterday he managed to drop his wallet while biking back home as well. Something tells me he will be keeping his possesions in a tight grip in his inside pockets from now on, well belted up and chained! Its so annoying when you lose something that you take for granted. The mobile was easily enough replaced by a cheap offer in a shop in Borlänge. But the creditcards and id-cars which are a bare necessity here in Sweden will be a bit more of a hassle to get new ones. Also to cancel all the cards and make sure we report the loss of the id-card to the police so that if someone starts using it we have a report to fall back on if we are asked to pay stuff we havent ordered.

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