Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Finaly tapped the last piece of wood into the floor yesterday. Now all we need to do is get the old paint off from the skiritngboards, paint them white, try to figure out how to nail them to a concrete wall hard as a diamond and yes then we are finished for this time. Oh and put up two more curtain rails. Did the bedroom and kitchen one today. But now the trouble is, i dont feel that my old curtains fit in with how it is looking here.... What to do? Make do with the ones i have (multiple choices there), remake some of my old ones (got a couple of ideas) or buy brand new ones?

Part from doing the odd handy stuff early on this morning not much have happend. I went to see my gran as usuall today and did a bit of shopping for her. Then went home and pondered what to do while waiting for mum to get off work so we could go to Rankhyttan and discuss our wedding with the new management. I invited mum in for dinner, i just cant cook for ONE person, its so sad to see two ickle potatoes paired with a few meatballs. Thats not cooking, thats desparing! Anyway the day has been quite productive, but still it looks a royale mess in here! I just cant live with boxes unpacked and strewen all over the apartment and unfinished skirtingboards littering the hallway and guestroom anymore! But James said he would do it all tomorrow so we can paint the boards at the weekend. It is still to be seen though.... ;o)

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