Saturday, March 29, 2003

So yet another weekend and im working. And of course it is lovely weather outside! But usually the weekends go by without too much hassle. Depending on who is left in charge of course.... If Boris is in charge its a sure thing something will be shouted about at work. I do wonder, dont he get it that no one likes his style?? Never mind...

The war has been going on now for a while, what is it, a week? The news trickles in and the sure and arrogant 'shock and awe' seems not to be having the effect they wanted it to have... Also they are upset about the iraqi soldiers disguising themselves as civilians surrendering and then ambushing the american or brittish soldiers meeting them. Well, what did they expect from someone like Saddam?? That he would leave walk over? I think they are making a huge mistake thinking Saddam will follow any 'rules of war' and it certainly doesnt help to be a cry baby in the news about it.... Why dont you face it, you've taken on a psychopath, there are no rules, he makes the rules, period. And since we all know what sort of a twisted mind Saddam has i am not at all surprised. I am more surprised he hasnt used his biological weapons, but maybe he is saving them for when they try to take Baghdad. Oh war, how i hate it. Just as much as i hate arrogant men who think they rule the world..

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