Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Its been a very hectic tuesday. Theres a new deli opening next door to the shop so of course we have had lots of curious people walking in asking where is the fish and deli shop was and if it all was a big april fools joke. It looks very nice the new shop. Mainly they have a large selection of fish but also they have some other deliproducts, like snails with garlic butter, ready to put in the owen... Or as i spotted large steaks of tuna. Might try that since tuna is one of the few fishes i like. Naturally there was lots of people coming in to us as well to have a look and a shop around. So i've been a real little busy bee today. That might explain why i after coming home and having sausage stroganoff felt like having a nap. I went to bed and it took just as long as for James to go out and pick up my bike that the wind had blown down for me to be sound asleep! Im a bit amazed that i just nodded off that quickly. I only had an hour worth of sleep but it made me feel better. Just as well because im all achy in my hands and feet, it happens when you lift several 12kg crates of apples and a dozen of 18kg banana boxes!
I am very thankful i have tomorrow off!

Part from that, life is mellow and slow. Spring has seemed to come to stay, even though there was a fierce cold wind today and the odd snowflake flying around. I havent seen any tussilago yet though but im sure they will be springing up like little miniture suns just about everywhere soon. As will the white star of vitsippa nod its little pretty head in the wind. I like spring in Sweden. What i dont like is the yearly explosion of pollen that follows!

Oh, i've just realized i have been blogging for a whole year! Me, that rarely stay on the same thing long enough to get an archive...lol! So happy anniversary to me and my blog i thinks.. :o)

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