Wednesday, April 09, 2003

It's one of those days that doesnt really turn out like you had planned. Today was meant being spent in IKEA in Gävle, but since James work caught us before we got out the door, he had to go in. Well he really didnt need to but work has ben slow for him over the past week or so, so naturally you grab everything you can get. Well that is all and well but that leaves me in a bit of a dangle since i dont know what to do with the rest of the day. I was so set on going i contemplated to go alone, but how fun is that when you are supposed to look at furniture togheter. I might had found something nice that was considered buying and now i cant because the other half of the deciding party had to work.... :(

Its a wonderful day out as well, but my mood is in a dip so cant really be bothered about going out even! Suscpect my hormones have something to say as well but im trying not to listen to them today. So therefor i am going to force myself out the door and borrow mums car and go for a drive and have a look localy for new furniture.
See yas later when im home.

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