Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Its been a hectic weekend at work and now i am completly beat, still I have to go to work in about 10 minutes. i hate early mornings! Besides it always makes me so sleepy when i get back home, tuesday is early day and of course nap day. Isch i feel old.....!

Part from work nothing much is happening. How is that possible with us getting married soon! But everything is just boring work at the moment. Must do something to change that, but what...?

Btw it snowed the other day, it was mixed with rain but anyway, it snowed! At least with the rain that fell yesterday it will be allowed to have these big bonfires on Valborgsmässoafton (wednesday) again since the ban on burning has been lifted. I wonder what we are going to do for Valborg, usually we go to some bonfire or the other and listen to the speech and the songs anf go ohh and aahh when the fireworks shoot off. Probably we will go to the mine and have a listen anda freeze if it s going to continue to be this cold!

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