Thursday, May 01, 2003

What have i been doing all day today you wonder? Well even if you dont wonder i will tell you, so shut up and pay attention! ;o)

Because today i am so proud of myself. I sat down and sewed my curtains that i have been shuffling from one side of the apartment to the other for ages it feels like. Finaly today i felt like doing something about them. It helped that it was pouring down with rain outside and i didnt have anything else to do for the rest of the afternoon with all the re-potting of my seedling plants done and dinner out of the way as well. I had bought these second hand curtains for over a month agao thinking they might fit nicely in the bedroom, but since they were a bit on the short side i decided against it. But i couldnt just trow them away again so i pondered a bit about what to do with them. Then i saw these other curtains that were half white and half pattern in the Elephant shop (Indiska to all swedes, but i rather use James' renaming of it) and thought i could do that with mine! So off i went and bought some nice white material and laid it all out to see if i got any inspiration from it. But oh no i didnt so it all went into the guestroom, waiting for the inspiration to show itself. So today i did the lot of them. Even managed to remind James that he had a run to do today, not listening to his whine about it raining outside i managed to get him up and out doing his 10k run in the rain (i smirked as he went past the window but im sure he didnt see me.. ;o) )

Of course there is a picture!

I'll write more about Valborg tomorrow because i need my sleep, well at least the 5 hours i get since im working early tomorrow doing the bread....But im not sleepy! I know, i'll hyptonize myself into getting sleepy.

You are getting very sleepy.. Very sleepy... Your eyes cant stay open.... You have an urge to count sheeeeeep...Sleepyzzzzzzz...zzzleeepy...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....

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