Sunday, May 04, 2003

James ran the Spring i Benen race yesterday. He finished in the middle somewhere of what i could make out which is very good i think. He also got a medal and i took some little videoclips of him running on our digicamera, go and have a look. See if you can spot the Running Blue... :)

After the race we went to Rusta, a discount shop, and bought a fold away table to hang on our balcony and two folding chairs in akacia wood. Bargain really considering it is solid wood.

In the afternoon Rosie and Per came by for some swedish 'fika'. Fika is when having coffe or tea with cakes, buns, sandwiches anything really that you can munch to while chatting, i think it is an excellent word and havent come across anything similare in english. We chatted away and watched a film while it was snowstorming outside! So no game of Kubb or boule yesterday either. Btw it did come 5 cm of snow and it stayed untill about now when the sun has come out and is melting it all away.

We walked into town to see my gran and walked back as well this morning. Thought it might do my back some good since it is hurting like buggery right now. Dont know if i have pulled a muscle or something when lifting stuff at work last week, something is getting caught at times and it really hurts like....! Right now im sitting with a hot waterbottle wedged between the chair and my back when typing this. Any suggestions to what you can do? We might go for another slow walk later since that seems to help me to relax and stop tensing up so much. If it is as bad as today tomorrow morning im not going to work. Oh the joy of telling my boss that, anyway i'll do whatever he wants me to do if that means going to see the so called 'company doctors' he has a contract with and get a certificate that yes i have a poorly back and can stay home so he dont think im faking it. In any case im going to phone up my chiropractor and ask if he got a time for me to see him. He might be able to help.

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