Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Countdown to the Big Day on saturday has begun! We went out to Rankhyttan today to hand over the placecards we made and also the order of seating. And we got to see what rooms they had to offer us since the bridalsuit was taken and i was disappointed at the new Spa section room so we settled for a bigger room in the estate itself. With or without ghosts that is were we will be sleeping. Im sure it will be alright. Just have to make sure we get everything with us since it is a bit out of the way and you just cant nip back if you forgot something at the last minute. As usuall im sure i will be in charge of getting everything togheter, even though James does help, he can be a bit neurotic when it comes to tickets and passports. He keeps on checking them and so on. Whenever we travel togheter i let him check them once and then keep them with me instead of handing them over to him since i know he will be checking them every ten minutes or so just to make sure they stll say what they did ten minutes ago. I never forget the first time we travelled togheter and we were standing in the check in line and i jokely said i dont have the passports, dont you? The frantic look on his face combined with the staring eyes were amusing for a second before i felt sorry for him and fished the importent documents out of my pocket. He actually thought i had forgotten them! Am i evil? ;o)

The timetable for the day is in line, will check with the florists on friday though to make sure it is all ok. Everything else can go wrong as long as i have the dress and flowers. Dinner and bowling is booked for friday night for James family. It seems that some of the girls from work might come over on friday so i might just stay for dinner but ask if Lotta could come pick me up before the bowling. Weather wise they have promised a very nice and sunny day, so fingers crossed...!

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