Friday, May 02, 2003

In other news, i went shopping for weddingclothes with my mum on wednesday ...... And it is only a true miracle i came back without a MAJOR falling out between my mum and me! Sigh, this is a woman who says she cant find anything to wear in a shop FULL of beautiful and various clothes styles. One who takes one look, not even that, and says oh no she cant wear that. It would help to try them on you know, it might surprise her once in a while....
Anyway it got so bad she was saying something along the lines that she might as well not come to the wedding when i was getting a bit frustrated with her reluctance to even try some suggestions out! Thank the gods that i was in a good(ish) mood, any other day i would have told her that that was just fine and if it was so much trouble for her to find something to wear she might not as well make an effort and stay at home, ending with me stomping off in a mood and probably crying as well. Ok for not wanting to wear a dress since she is convinced she doesnt suit in one, and alright i suppose you have to be able to wear it afterwards as well. But please, no black trousers and white blouse as she thought of buying. Am i being unreasonable?
Anyway, after much grumping she tried out a lovely light blue skirt with a subtle floral print and a nice middle blue blouse as i told her i prefered to see her in a skirt since she refused blankly to try out some lovely summer dresses i showed her, and yes she would have looked fab in them dont care what she thinks. So that is now sorted and i remember why i never go clothes shopping with my mum, its just too emotional to try to convice a stubborn missus No that she could wear anything else then her usuall attire.
I still love my mum, she is just very trying sometimes....!

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